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Why Listen to Thibs?

I’ve been following Thibs for a while now and am currently doing his “I,Bodybuilder” program.

My question is why are we listening to this guy? He has written a ton of different books, so he must have a lot of different ideas. That means he can’t stick to just one methodology. I was reading his bio and it said he whipped up a 295lb snatch with STRAPS? From my own experience, pussies wear straps. And I don’t follow pussies.

I’ve seen guys with WAAY bigger arms than him, so why don’t we follow them?
I know a lot of other guys who are less french and have a ton more hair too. MY numbers are nowhere near his, and compared to him I have ZERO lifting experience, but I think everything he does is stupid.

I’m kind of like the fat friend you have that you watch the fights with, who makes fun of the guys on t.v like, “HA! He’s gassed, what a fucking loser” while I literally shove whole tacos down my throat hole.

Sorry Thibs, it’s “I,Celtics” for me from now on.


LOL, so funny.