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Why Listen to Dave Tate?


I just watched the 35 rep squat video, kinda strange how it went from just a day in the gym with a bunch of elite lifters to a dramatic voice over telling us about how sad DT's life is or was.

Anyways, while DT was squatting they talked about Dave's laundry list of injuries, I think they said he has had 30 pec pulls and about 10 more serious injuries in addition to having to have surgery on both shoulders multiple times ( and the narrator said that what was mentioned in the video was only a partial listing of his injuries).

My question is this: why is Dave Tate such a widely known and respected strength lifting coach if he can't take care of himself? If I were to follow everything he says word for word, wouldn't that lead me down the same path of destruction he has led himself down? Keeping in mind that average Joe doesn't have the connections or the resources to get the very best rehab available like Dave does, wouldn't following him set you on a path that would lead to injuries that would mean the end of your weightlifting?

There are hundreds of people in America and around the globe who have put up better numbers without harming themselves as much, I think its time we found a new brain to pick.




Statements without fact or support will get you nowhere.

What video & which lifters are you referencing?


Powerlifting is a rough sport where virtually everyone ends up getting hurt at some point. You learn from mistakes, he's mentioned that he wishes he would have backed off alot more when he was younger and now he is paying for it. If you talked to him now his approach to training is very very safe.

Dave is a great lifter and coach and there is no reason to bash him in any capacity. If you don't want to listen to him then don't.


Why lawd why?




isnt it more he learned from his mistakes and can now tell people to not do what he did, in regards to injury prevention.


quit stating what is logical, reasonable and obvious Kerley, and get to bashing the OP.


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op is jelly, and should STFU and listen to dave tate when he speaks.


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everyone should listen to Dave Tate when he speaks. Except Chuck Norris.


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