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Why Lift On A Cut - Reasons?


I was just wondering WHY it's necessary to lift whilst on a cut, apart from the obvious reasons which are:

  • To keep Muscle
  • To keep Strength
  • To burn calories

Are there any other reasons to lift whilst on a cut? I was just wondering because if you're not building muscle, then is the above reasons the only reasons why you would continue to lift? Or can lifting on a cut give your muscles a better appearance/shape etc for when you finally shed the fat, thus making them look better than if you hadn't trained at all on the cut?



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It's a perfectly fine question... I'm just asking why else would you lift on a cut as opposed to the reasons I pointed out in the first post. If there are no other reasons, say that.


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Read your question above and see if you can answer it for yourself. Try real hard; you can do it.


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You never added strenght while training to lose bodyfat?


Mainly for the three reasons you list. Which are very good reasons.

Also, the more lean mass you retain, the higher your basal metabolic rate. The higher your bmr, the more calories you will burn at rest and during activity.


See, all I'm asking for was a simple reply such as the one tdrink gave me above which is "no, the reasons you listed are the main ones". All I asked was if there was any OTHER reasons, because they're the only ones I could think of.

Instead one person says "WTF" and the rest jump on the bandwagon. Learn to lead, not follow.


I think you pretty much have all the answers to this one.

You may even have something there with making the muscles look better if only for the pump, vascularity, and endurance.


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Hmm good question. I was wondering this myself in addition to some other things floating around my head. Why is it necessary to exercise in general on a bulk? Other than the obvious reasons of course. And why is it necessary to eat protein, and don't just give me the "obvious" answers. Oh, and why should I try to add weight to the bar every week?

I mean, I know the obvious answers, but I'm not sure if it's necessary unless you give me some abstract and indirect explanations. No trolls please, this is a serious question. I'm super serial guys.


Oh, a big F- you ahead of time to all the haterz who dismiss my question and don't bother to give me any helpful advice. sorry for the hijack. soccer rulez!