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Why it Should be Illegal for Companies, Unions, etc. to Contribute to Politicians



I don't give a damn about smoking but I do care about congress' votes being up for sale.


Perhaps, but I think Senator Chambliss makes a pretty good point too:

"I voted against the FDA tobacco bill because I'm opposed to the overregulation of an industry that's already highly regulated, from farmer to manufacturer," Chambliss said. "The bill saddles the already overburdened FDA with even more oversight duties, and does nothing to reduce the rate of smoking among Americans รข?? cigarettes already on the shelves will remain on the market."

Also worth mentioning is the constituents these Senators represent - tobacco states. Sure, money is important, but they also like being re-elected.


I know this may be a reach for some of you, but don't you think there is a chance that just maybe these companies give money to politicians because they tend to vote a certain way and the company has an interest in keeping that person in office?


Which is exactly why I think it should be illegal for companies, unions, pacs, etc. to contribute money to politicians.



Then that's your perogative, but in no way does that imply that a vote is up for sale.


Your politicans can be bought?




Here is another example

And these are the people that are supposed to be writing health care reform laws....


Get real.


We need term limits.


I will not disagree with you there.