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Hi T-Men,
When I put in my 1.5hr in the gym, I swear to god my heart’s racing like the cops are chasing me. In that time, I don’t think my ticker ever goes into a resting pulse rate, not even between sets. So why the hell isn’t weight training considered aerobic or cardio even though my heart’s racing and I’m winded, moreso than if I’m doing some pansy-ass jogging???

It is your definition of aerobic that is incorrect. Sorry. Aerobic exercise is exercise that is preformed below the anaerobic zone. Sprints for example are anaerobic in nature. There are at least four energy systems in the human body: O2 (aerobic), ATP, ATP-PC, and PC. Most weight lifting is in the PC system.
Pansy-ass jogging is very aerobic. Kick ass weight lifting is not, but you heart muscle still benefits from it. So you do train your cardiovascular system, but you don’t train your muscle aerobically.
For a longer discussion check out a good exercise physiology text.

I felt that the Meltdown Program article by Alessi had a pretty good explanation on the differences between anaerobic and aerobic training. Check it out. Other than that, agree with Older Lifter.

Cardio? Just what the heck is cardio anyway. I haven’t ever seen a good definition that wasn’t loaded with fertilizer