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Why Isn't THIS Politically Correct II?


(1) North Korea is rapidly building nukes.
(2) North Korea is crazy enough to initiate the use of nukes.
(3) Crazies should not be allowed near nukes.

So...why aren't we bombing the living shit out of NK?

Why is killing mad dog political leaders NOT PC?

Hell, give me the job if they're all to pussified to do it. I would bomb hell out of them and chuckle with delight.

Killing terrorists should be politically correct.


they are not crazy. It's a cleptocracy.
A small elite, mainly military, similar to Burma/Myanmar, clings to power at all costs and gives the boot to the unwashed masses.
They can lose everything when initiating warfare. So they just bellow enough to be taken seriously.

Crazy is flying into buildings with a 747.
Clinging onto power is not, though it's highly immoral.


Mjeh... This "news" is just scaremongering for the immature American public, who thinks the US is supposed to kick every nation's ass at will.
I predict a more concentrated, cooperative scaremongering attempt from all the the major news-sources - all in order to make us forget that we're still at war in other nations.


To China, I think North Korea is like that bratty little brother with ADD...who eats boogers; likes to make farting noises under his arm; and always embarasses you in Public.

They support the North ideologically...but the Chinese are very pragmatic people who don't want Nukes flying all around the Peninsula.

Just like that bratty brother; you may be allowed to scream and yell at them...maybe even threaten them...but you better not touch them.

That's for the Chinese to do.