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Why Isn't Pergonal Used in the USA?


Just curious why Pergonal (follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone) is not used as part of the TRT protocol in the USA.

My doctor in Israel alternates HCG and Pergonal (in roughly same doses) every three months or so, and that appears to be a fairly common practice.

The stated reason is that HCG alone does not necessarily prevent decreased fertility and seamen volume.

FWIW, my wife got pregnant basically the first time we tried and I was on TRT for a year with this protocol.


It is called HMG here, you are referring to a marketing name.

Most docs in most of the world do not understand hCG in TRT, why would they care about HMG?

Some have useful sperm counts with T+hCG. There is some [minor] cross activation of FSH receptors by hCG.

HMG is also expensive and insurance companies might be barriers to use. Fertility treatments are not covered in some insurance plans.


It's surprising HMG/Pergonal is not at least offered as an option, given that it is a more inclusive product, regardless of whether insurance companies pay for it. You use such a small amount (akin to hcG) that I wouldn't think the price would be that big of a deal.

Israel has more doctors that anyone, per capita, I think, so the competition to be cutting edge (and price sensitive) is intense. It spoils me, sometimes.



Sorry, first time posting. I just wanted to know if "Jewbacca" was on TRT and HCG/Pergonal all at the same time when he got his wife pregnant. I'm on TRT but had to stop for a few weeks to do bloodwork so the doctor could verify that HCG would help. I'm under the impression that I have to discontinue TRT for a longer period of time but not sure how long yet.

So my question basically is... can Testosterone Cypionate be used together with HCG to impregnate a woman or does T. have to be stopped for some reason.



Taking HCG and T at the same time should still allow the testicles to produce sperm (I believe).

why not get a sperm count to confirm if HCG and T together are having an impact?