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Why Isn't My FSH Close to Zero?

I have heard that if you are on trt your fsh should be bottom out but mine is at 1.2 when the range is 1.6 - 8.0
Also i am doing dayli 12mg shallow im.

Are your T levels up where you’d expect? What’s LH look like?

I didnt check lh, but i think im primary so it should be low.
I also testosterone free and total as well as shbg pending i should get does in the next 2 days and estradiol came back at 37 range is < or = 39.
I one tried tonget off trt and my fsh double. And lh was 4.7 range is 1.7 - 9

12mg daily is a somewhat low dose in the TRT world (84mg/week). I suspect that you are not fully suppressed. My original hormone doc said that it might happen with guys on lower doses, so not to depend on low dose TRT for birth control. Not that it mattered, my wife and I are long out of the baby making business!

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We had a name for guys that relied on AAS and testosterone for birth control. Dad.

I’ve seen this with some guys coming over from other clinics. They have labs ordered prior to their first visit and since we didn’t know they were already on TRT (usually a low dose) they’ll have lower FSH and LH, but not bottomed out.

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Mine bottomed out 2 weeks after starting. Bad genetics I guess, but HCG works very potent

I wouldn’t say that. I don’t know how quickly it drops to zero since it is not tested after started, but two weeks does not sound surprising.

That does make sense tho i thought any exogenous test will cause shutdown no matter the dose as long ad was used long enough. I should try maybe 15mg daily and see if i shut down completly.

I know for some guys it is more. 2 weeks after I started TRT suddenly I felt bad and strange. On the next day I tested Lh and FSH and both were 0.1. I know for other people it takes at least 4 weeks

Seems If I have tried doing anabolic cycles and PcT ever in my life and I would be fu*ked :smiley:

You tested on the next day? Damn you like to get blood tests.

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Ye when I suspect something I like to check it and most of the times Im right

One bad day, and bloods next day to determine you were shutdown with low LH and FSH. Therefore you had a bad day because of that. Not because of any single other factor.

Sounds legit. :roll_eyes:

How about the next day? And the day after that? And the day after that? Still bad? You must have had bad days every day since then because you’ve been shutdown since then, right? What have you done to mitigate the bad days due to low LH and FSH, which according to you, cause bad days?

I didn’t realize that all of us on TRT must also have been having bad days for years. Silly me, I thought my life was really good. But now I know that low LH and FSH means bad days, so logic states my life can’t be good. Should I ask my doc for an SSRI? Do I need to take HCG so I can have good days again?

And I was right and my theory was proven right by the blood tests. A lot of guys start feeling shitty when their natural production stops. My blood test proved my natural production stopped.
I dont regret a single euro Ive given for blood tests and I see no any harm in doing them

You didn’t prove shit. Re-read what I just wrote and keep reading it again and again until you see the massive, gaping hole in your theory.

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I have always wondered if there’s a threshold of where endogenous production stops while adding exogenously.

Logically you would think that if estrogen gets low enough your HPTA would kick in, whether that estrogen is produced by endo or exo test.

Id go further to say that the threshold would be what your estrogen levels are prior to starting trt.

I’ve always wondered about that too. I mean, it’d probably have to be quite low but still, seems possible at some point? I’m not sure. Maybe there’s more to it than that.

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Testosterone and other androgen like steroids will shut down GnRH production, regardless of how low estrogen is.

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But isn’t it low estrogen that triggers hypo axis to release LH?

A small about of exo test, added to your pre trt, already low, endo amount could conceivably keep you producing endogenously I’d think, as long as estrogen is still low enough?

Sooo what would make fsh not bottom out on trt? Is it a not high enough test dose?

It can, but isn’t the only trigger.

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