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Why Isn't American Football Watched Worldwide?


Why isn't football watched around the world like our movies and TV shows are?

American culture dominates the world, our TV shows are the msot watched and our movies appeal everywhere and have a global following, yet out greatest invention, football is seen as boring and slow overseas despite the fact its non stop big hits and insane excitement.



Because it is still a relatively young sport and the rest of the world has Football (soccer) and Rugby?




Because they don't play it either. American Football isn't ingrained into the culture the way Football or Rugby is. American Football is pretty popular in Germany and some universities in Japan have teams, but it's still going to take awhile to catch on. Mostly due to the equipment needed.


I think the multimillion dollar investment that you need to buy plastic and foam pads is the reason they don't watch it. After all a soccer team is so cheap you can just get a bunch of plastic bags and roll it into a ball and you have a proffesional soccer team that they can watch, but for football you need plastic foam padding which no country except america can afford.


are you stupid, or just trying really hard to look like it?


'Cause Rugby is so fucking badass.


Are you saying you disagree that the only reason foreigners think soccer is more exciting to watch than football is because they can't afford the equipment? I bet if you gave any one of those third world countries some war pads like we have in football they'd all drop soccer and start watching the NFL. Its no wonder soccer is popular in poor countries like Argentina, they can't afford plastic pads, but if they could I think football would be vastly more popular there than soccer, just like in countries that can afford plastic pads.


I'm fairly sure 90% of NFL players would dominate rugby within 2 weeks of training. Rugby is a smaller version of football, the average rugby player is weak and puny compared to the 300lb monsters we have in the NFL.


Why don't Americans like soccer and rugby and cricket?

As the above poster mentioned- Rugby- the progenitor of American football- is pretty damned entertaining. Plus- most Rugby fans will argue that American football is for wussies- when compared to Rugby.


1) you have clearly never played rugby

2) your a retard

3) most of the world doesnt like football because its slow paced and honestly boring...

4) hockey is way more entertaining


Not only are you making 09ers look worse with every post you make, but you're also sounding like an arrogant, ignorant American who looks down on other countries just because you think our version of football is better than their's.


OP: If you want to watch a 'real' American sport, whatever the fuck that is, watch Lacrosse. American football came from rugby, and baseball came from cricket.

Also, explain your argument pls.


Nah he's right, here in Denmark (Read: 3rd world country) we really can't afford the padding, therefor football must suck balls.



However, after we will have mastered indoor plumbing we will try to cut things out of foam.


It just hasn't reached the rest of the world yet.

Football doesn't require expensive equipment to play with your friends. It's probably cheaper than baseball, and the same price as soccer or rugby. The only thing thats required is a football.

As a little kid we played everywhere with anything from the $1 miniature footballs to T-Shirts. Played in streets, or indoors between any space big enough to fit people in.

There's many flag football leagues here, and you can find people setting up at company picnics with a small game of two hand touch. Some play tackle with no padding (just have to tackle differently, probably ends up more like rugby tackles --I don't know)

I have to admit though it took me a long time to be able to watch, it wasn't until I went to college and many of the football players were close friends that I started watching. As i got older I started to realize the raw athletecism these guys have and it's quite amazing. A good D1 D Lineman can easily be 300+ and blazing fast within 10 yard, and could still probably chase down most non footall athletes.




Good day, sir.


no no. Forget sheridan. I challenge anyone to find a bigger/ stronger american football player than this rugby player ^

Also, american football players would not dominate rugby in two weeks. Would take longer than this to get to grip with the rules, and i also think aerobic demands would be challenging.


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