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Why is Winstrol (Stanozolol) So Popular in MMA?

In the past Winstrol seemed to be very popular in MMA, I’ve never used it but I’ve heard it’s impact on performance isn’t that great… the only things that come to mind are easy to get away with because of half life aswell as keeping water off for making weight. I’d like anyone’s input

I cant imagen Winny for fighting sports, works well for me while cutting, but joints really stiff on it.

They must use much less than physique dosages… because I can’t imagine mma athletes even using nearly as much gear as we here do… the cramping and stuff from even moderate dosages would make mma unbearable

I think it has to do with Winstrol being good for staying conditioned and adding some endurance, gains in strength, while not too much mass, so it’s not really obvious when someone is on it.


Less weight gain, more endurance, power etc… Stupid choice though, Ben Johnson himself stated he hated winstrol because it made him cramp

Supposedly he could bench 450x2… I don’t believe this. I don’t bench (shoulders)… I stick to dips on rings, machine dips and db bench pressing.

Ring dips are quite hard… Progressive overload can be implemented via adding weight and/or progressing to more complex varieties (Bulgarian dips etc)… They’re both pretty big risk factors regarding the induction of impingement, but for whatever reason (probably because I’m extremely mobile) I can handle deep, full ROM dips painlessly… But not bench press

don’t see why they aren’t using anavar

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Seems like a perfect compound. I’m sure they do use it. Then again the top athletes are probably using designer drugs

I have to agree with Wade. I trained and fought Thai boxing in my twenties and from experience in that time made me LOVE anavar. Most guys I knew in muay Thai, MMA, boxing, were using anavar. Most federation’s never test you unless you’re fighting on big cards.

Anavar is amazing for sports performance as it enhances CV output, power output, endurance, and helps with weight management. Maybe most of all because of of its ability to preserve quality tissue which is important with combat sports. Pro fighters and aspiring amateurs even prepare with long hours of intense training for months on end and oxandrolone helps big time.

I did try stanazol also because it was similar in some ways but joint issues are definitely unwanted in kickboxing so anavar is far superior. I used to take 60-100mg daily pretty much all the time back then