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Why is Weight Training Important to You?

I wanna know why is weight training important to you

Good fun. Time for me to practice mindfulness and being in the moment. Muscles. Muscles


It’s the most effective way I know of to get bigger and stronger.


Unless I’m doing some kind of hard physical work on a regular basis I feel restless. If I was a farmer in the olden days or something like that I wouldn’t feel the need to train. Also I want to be stronger than people. And bigger. When I walk around in public, people move out of my way, it seems like a good thing.


I like all of your answers & agree with them all. I should rephrase this question… What type of person do you think you would be today if you weren’t able to weight train and have that as a part of your life? What sort of characteristic has it developed into you as a person?

Thats right big daddy that’s why lifting is a no brainer

I absolutely agree

Have you tried clavicle lengthening surgery?


So when I have to do something physical with other people, I can show them up. This is more socially acceptable than the only alternative, hanging my genitals out at them.



None. I’m good at this because I lift with characteristics already developed elsewhere.

Smaller and weaker.

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I suck at all sports with a ball, not flexible enough for gymnastics, hate swimming and am slow at running ( two seasons of XC proved that). I walked into the gym and was able to squat my bodyweight on the first try. Haven’t stopped since!
I much say, lifting feels a lot better and makes me feel like a badass since I suck relatively less. Still can’t resist a good metcon or cardio session though


Random and somewhat potentially un-associated thoughts:

I honestly think it’s something primal and instinctual as far as drive.

I remember watching Conan when I was just a kid and thinking that’s who I want to be when I grow up.

It’s an honest expression of who I am in many respects psychologically I think.

It makes me more human. Of course I don’t think that anyone is particularly un-human, but I think part of being human is exertion and passion. I live for the man in the arena moments. Those moments when you push through and set a new PR, when you ball up on the floor and vomit, when you push yourself to the edge. Even in those moments of injury and pain, it’s a beautiful moment where what you did mattered for that instant. It may not matter to anyone that wasn’t there. It might not even matter to anyone else that was there. But for 1 moment you lived life to the edge and pushed yourself to become more than you’ve ever been. That’s why training is important for me. These moments. A life untested is not worth living.


I would certainly not have been the same. It developped a mental fortitude, the ability to push through hard times, to challenge myself. Also to be humble and try to better myself in any way I can as a person.

Also since I got surgeries on both knees and wrists I would be an ugly, weak, tight little thing

I am vain.

You probably think this reply is about you…

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Doing both of these things at the same time sound fantastic in my opinion

Definitely the type of response I was looking forward to. I can relate to your thoughts

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For myself it keeps my aggressive tendencies at bay . I have slight anxiety disorder which causes me to be slightly high strung which tends to make me have a short fuse.


It built my confidence. I was literally the 98lb weakling in high school and always hated being the smallest guy in the room. Now as a middle aged man it keeps me from looking like most men my age.