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Why Is this NOT 'Politically Correct'?


I would think that if I were running a drone over Pakistan and managed to kill some scumbags, I would joyfully chuckle with delight. I would love every minute of it. In fact, the thought makes me have a 'Chris Matthews moment' ( a thrill runs up my leg).

So...I mention this at a dinner party of university faculty my wife and I attended...and they thought I was crazy, evil, or both! I would LOVE killing my country's enemies and all these PC police-type people were flipping out! I also said how I send Care Packages to soldiers and one flabby bitch with the ugliest earrings I've ever seen asked: "Why do you send things to a murderer?" I said, "Just to piss off bitches like you!" and at that point my wife grabs me and we head for the door.

She (Mrs. HH) was laughing so hard most of the way home!! "I love how you talk to those people like that!!" Then, the night ended quite well later on :wink:

Anyway, what's wrong with these fucking people? Killing your enemies IS GOOD, the dumb fucks!!


you don't love killing your country's ennemies
you don't even love the idea of killing your country's ennemies

but you really seems to love telling everyone on internet forums or at dinner parties how much you would love killing your ennemies.

it's not crazy
it's not evil
it's just childish


You don't know me very well, so I'll just let that go.

Yes, I would LOVE to kill Taliban/Al-Qaeda scumbags. In fact, if I were young enough, I'd be in the military, especially submarine service. THAT would be awesome, though you never get to kill shiteaters in that position.


Goog for you for calling that unpatriotic woman out, and for not backing down. I can not stand any one who does not support out millitary. Murdurers? Weather she agrees with the wars or not she should still respect the men and women who have the balls to become a US soldier.


Note to self: never invite HH to dinner party.



I support care packages to drone pilots.

5 hours in front of a computer must be unbearable without chocolate chips and mountain dew.

I bet they do not even have an espresso machine.


when things doesnt get any more stupid, this happens and overheats the stupidalarm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hope this reactionary nationalist ramblings of yours are just trolling HH. because if you are not kidding, I dont want to know want happen to you in your childhood :slight_smile:


..you know HH, the voices you hear and other things you imagine [your wife] aren't real. You should get help...


It is not a just war HH, get over it. And stop calling your pillow a wife. :wink:


Some places that's perfectly fine...


yes, goog for you x2


i don't know how it works in the USA, but in most civilized countries someone who actually love to kill and/or strongly fantasize about killing will not be able to join the military.

psychopaths make bad soldiers.


Best part of wife being tenured is that I don't have to 'hold my tongue' around the libs, which are everywhere at a university.

I'm usually very polite until someone calls our soldiers murderers. That sort of stuff sets me off; especially as my son is active duty at Annapolis.

One of my wife's colleagues once said that the Green Party is too conservative. I didn't tell her she was nuts, so I CAN chill out.

I do love pissing off libs, especially Obama supporters. Call it a weakness. XD


If I were running a drone over Pakistan, I'd be more concerned about collateral. Don't get me wrong, it is an unfortunate necessity, but there are other things I would think about rather than flying body parts.

I'm glad you and people like you aren't in the military, because the people who actually serve their country don't need to have their name tarnished by association with the likes of you.



You are Level 0. LOL!!


soldiers should be proud to be soldiers. i see no problem there.

soldiers can love their job and the service they are doing for the country.
they can love victory.
they can love fighting for justice.
they can love the adrenaline of the fight.
they can love the weapons
they can love the discipline
they can love the uniform

but loving to kill is another thing.
it's not a soldier's thing, it's a psychopath's thing.

if i take my kid to the doctor, i would like a doctor who loved being a doctor. that is healing, curing, caring.

not someone who love cutting flesh with sharp tools
not someone who love putting toxics in human veins
not someone who would loved being "Life From Above".


Give HH a break. He is not saying he would love to kill just anybody. He said he would love to kill the Taliban and Al Queda. I don't know if any of you know this, but 9 years ago they flew a few planes into a couple buildings. They would also love to kill any of us. If he said he would love to join the millitary so he could just kill people, then yopu could call him a phsyco. A lot of people on 9/12 had his same view, and joined up to protect us. HH, you are welcome to any dinner party or cookout I ever have.



You mean 'Death From Above' (as they deserve).

Would you kill someone who sent a scumbag into a daycare wearing a bomb? Yes. Would you regret taking that shiteater's life? If you answer 'Yes' then your sympathies are with murderous rats.

I would LOVE killing evil. Whoever doesn't love exterminating evil is part of evil.


Someone gets it!! Finally!!

People from the South are much more patriotic than Northerners. Maybe that explains some of this.