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Why is This Diet Not Working?


Ive been dieting for a atleast 6weeks now,

I started about 78kg and im still round about 78-79kg.

I want to atleast get to 13 and half stone. This is my diet.

8am 50 oats
9am Protein shake (Myofusion)
1030am Pitta bread + chicken breast
1pm Pasta + Tuna
4pm Pasta + Tuna

Post workout - Protein shake + glycomaize

7pm Steak or Chicken + Jacket potatoes

10pm Protein shake

Can anyone tell me why it isnt working? Thank you in advance!


Yah, you're taking in too much calories for your output. It's as simple as that. Drop the pasta.


Also, knowing the actual amounts of macro's would be helpful to any one trying to give input here. By the way, I'm thinking not too many Yanks have any idea of what a "stone" is. 12 or 13#'s?


Apparently 13.5 stone works out to about 85.7 kgs. So, he's cutting... to gain weight?

Unit conversions aside; cut out the pasta and pita. Try 170 grams of protein (based on your now weight), 170 grams of carbs and 85 grams of fat (coconut oil, olive oil, fishoil supplements). That's 2125 calories.

When that slows down (less than a pound lost per week), ditch 25 grams carbs /rinse and repeat.


Give us stats such as estimated bodyfat %, height, and your type of training. This will allow us to tailor our advice. Dieting from 20% bodyfat to 10% is different than 10% to 5%.


What are your macros? I would start there if you haven't already. It doesn't seem, at least from the diet you posted, that you are tracking them (correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm not sure how I would diet with any success without doing that.


This guy weighs about 172lbs and wants to weigh nearly 190. He isn't eating enough.


What kind of pasta? How much chicken and steak?

@1pm drop the pasta (every other day) for a fat+protein meal.

Chicken w/ evoo and tuna with evoo. Your choice of how to take the evoo. I'd suggest a healthy dose of evoo.
Also what kind of tuna? Can tuna or real cuts of tuna? Try different types of fish.....

What are jacket potatoes?? Sweet potatoes are good post workout 2.

** Also at 8a.m i would down a protein shake or eat some protein before your oatmeal. You can put protein in your oatmeal? That's what i do, it's incredible.

*** You don't like veggies??

Just my 2 cents.....


I think a clarification of goals would be extremely nice, what is it? you want to weigh more or less?


The unit conversions throw me off. Screw stones. Eat more if it's not working and you're trying to gain, eat less if your goal is to lose (probably shouldn't be doing at so skinny of a weight).


Units: Why we're mixing kg and stone I've no idea, but ...
You have: 78 kg
You want: lb
* 171.96056
/ 0.0058152868
You have: 13.5 stone
You want: lb
* 189
/ 0.0052910053
You have: 1 stone
You want: lb
* 14
/ 0.071428571

As the good Professor said: he's 172#, aiming at 190#. Or in them wussie metric units, he's trying to go from 78kg to 86kg. One stone = 14#, or 6.35 kg.

And he needs to eat more.

Though I'd like to know WTF "50 oats" is.


Well numbers and calculations aside, id say the most obvious shortfall in your diet is the complete absence of one of the 3 macros. You need some fats in your diet dude. You are, as far as your diet shows, consuming next to no fats, not only does this make it difficult to consume enough calories for the mass gain you want, but you are missing out on an essential dietary requirement.


So O.P., what's the deal? Where didja go?