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Why is There No T-Nation Paper Mag?


I don't know about you guys, but I am a pretty fanatical T-Nation reader, and I would not hesitate to pay for a print edition of T-Nation. After all, it wouldn't be like your typical Muscle & Fiction rag where you're just being fed a bunch of crap. I'd easily pay like $25 per issue if it was decently thick.

I always have a ton of interesting books and magazines lying around for my visitors to check out, and I feel that a T-Nation magazine would fit in really well with my collection.

So, why isn't there a paper edition? :slight_smile:


It started out as a paper magazine but I think they realized it was cheaper and more cost effective to simply run out the articles online.


$$$$. This topic has been beat to death.


Only way the paper mag would be of any good would be if it had loads of figure models for us to 'paste' up on the wall.

But even here we can print them when no one is looking so I can bring them home. If you wanted to.


by "paste up on the wall" he means jerk off onto so the pages stick together ... nttawwt


Damn, didn't know that. Know where I can get those back issues? :slightly_smiling:


Would you point me out to the threads where this has been discussed? I did a cursory search but was unable to find something on the matter.


There were only like 10 issues like 10 years ago. Some of the old school members still have a few they saved from back then. Chris Shugart posted a thread in the T-Cell with pictures of each of the 10 covers.

With that said, I don't know...ebay maybe? I checked once and didn't see anything but maybe someone will put them up.


They should do market research on whether a print mag could be financially viable. I bet it could.


Not to be a Debbie Downer, but this site doesn't exactly offer pop-fitness advice. It gets down to the nitty grit and doesn't prescribe foo-foo sissy man shit (nutritionally and with programs). Aside from it's core audience, it wouldn't fare well with the general population who would rather be spoon fed watered down bullshit than eat their oatmeal straight up...


no way i would never do that when i'm drunk at night and no one is home....


They probably could make some money on it, but I think it comes down to the 80/20 rule for them.

Why drive yourself crazy for a 1% bump to the bottom line? Especially if they're doing okay as it is.

I actually have issues 2-7, and somehow got multiple copies of 2, 5, and 6. I've meant to put them on ebay for a while now, along with a number of early maxims, etc.

I am such a pack rat, thankfully I'm moving soon, so I can declutter a bit.


How about a compromise, we pay for a full color supplement in print that is made entirely of hot babe pictures(heavy guage water resistent pages) and the rest of the content stays free and online?


Weren't there only 9 and the last one didn't get printed? I remember reading that thread but I'll go back and double check later today.


I still have 2 issues, wishing i picked up more, they could be worth millions lol


how? newspapers are failing left and right. its much more viable to have an online base, why go pay 5 bucks a magazine and wait monthly for it when you can check online from your iPhone while you take a dump?


That rings a bell, I think you're right.


There, fixed.


They could have written forums. You post by the mail


There could be forums in it. You would have to mail your post