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Why is There No Intermediate Category?


Do you guys think there should be one?

I mean theres a lot of people on here that arent beginners, but at the same time arent advanced. If we post in the bodybuilding section we're told to go to the beginers section. But some of the stuff is more advanced than just a beginers question.

I mean I dont need advice on how to do a dumbbell kick back, I know how to eat, and a lot of basics to training, and sometimes when you post in the begining section you dont get the best answers because the more advanced lifters on this site dont always check that section out.

How do we start a new catagory?



If you have a question just ask it. Only unapologetic elitists won't answer your question.

Just pose your question intelligently and it shouldn't get flamed too much. If it's a bb question, post it in the bb section.

If it's a strength sport question post in that section.

If it's a question that you think is best suited for a beginner then ... you get the idea.

If all else fails (ie you do your own research, you post questions, you experiment on your own) and your still not satisfied you could always try to PM someone you think COULD answer you question.

BTW, who ties your shoes in the morning? If you say you then I'm going to say pics or it didn't happen.


Yeah, quit worrying so much, dude.