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Why is the Workout 'Pump' Important?

Why is the pump important if it goes back down to normal after done lifting/exercising? All it is , is just bloodflow to the muscle making it temporarily appear bigger right? Like bloodflow going into penis making it bigger, but it goes back down to normal size and doesn’t actually Increase length from the ‘pump’

Does the Pump make the muscle slightly every so slightly grow a tad after recovering from workout?

Not pump is important, blood is important. Blood is a transporter in your body.

another thing is “pump” most of the time is an indicator - it shows you are training properly. If you use momentum or in any other way incorrect technique or just the wrong excercise or not enough volume/effort, you won’t get a pump. And it tells you that you are wasting time.

Metabolic stress, nutrition transporting to pumped areas via more blood flow I’d assume

It’s value is overstated sometimes.

Yes and no.

There’s a short-term cosmetic benefit for sure, but this article gets a little more into the long-term cumulative benefits of maximizing cellular swelling (the pump, on a muscle cell-level).

Getting a pump isn’t mandatory for building muscle, but if putting on size is a goal, then spending some time doing “pump work” can definitely be useful.

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What’s the big deal when people say “igf-1” or this and that gives you big pumps if its not really important?

No-one said it wasn’t important.

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Yeah, it’s not that the pump isn’t important. It’s just not essential. Fine line, and a confusing one maybe, but there’s a difference.

Dumbbells are important and can play a big role in building muscle, but they’re not essential. Sunday afternoon nookie time is important, but it’s not essential. Unfortunately.


Normally I don’t come out and openly disagree with you but… Sunday afternoon nookie time is essential!