Why is the VA So Strict?

Anyone know why the VA is so strict (BW range 71.8-623)? I’m 60 and inject 100mg/wk. Plus my endo wants me between 350 and 450. It is certainly the lowest range I’ve ever seen in when it comes to BW and by far the lowest any endo has ever wanted my T.

Good question. My VA assigned doc won’t do blood work for Testosterone. Luckely I have private insurance from work and found my own doctor. His blood tests showed very low level of free test. Beware of the VA.

Switch your provider with the VA. I had been dealing with the same one for 7 years trying to figure out my fatigue, depression, mood etc.

I finally said enough was enough and switched my provider. 6 months later it was discovered that i had low T and she started me on T injections immediately. I noticed a difference within a few hours.

Just tell the VA that you are not happy with your current provider and im almost positive that by law they have to let you switch providers.

I asked my VA GP about the TT ranges.

Her response was that the VA didnt use the standard medical fields numbers and had came up with their own set of #'s.

The problem is though, at the time these ranges were set most of the Vets were WWII or vietnam era vets who already had Low T. hence the very low range. She also said in the same sentence that she had no intentions of keeping me within that range.

I believe Veterans as a whole have lower T levels than the rest of the population because of all of the vacccines and god only knows what else shots and exposure to other chemicals etc. Ever google “low Testosterone and anthrax shots”? Interesting reading if nothing else.

I have no research or evidence to back my opinions up with, just my thoughts and a few good reads ive found online. Nothing scientific.