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Why is the V-Diet Better Than Solid Food?


First of all I want to say that I am not putting down the V-Diet, I have seen it do amazing things to many members body comp. here on T-Nation. However, what makes the V-Diet better then solid foods with the same macros?

I understand that Surge PWO is good and that a shake for a snack is as well, but I would think that an equal amount of protein in chicken and the equal amount of protein in a shake, the chicken would be the best bet. Especially with the mental aspect of it, making you feel satisfied.

I know the TEF of solid food is much higher then liquids, especially protein. Can someone please explain to me what makes the V-Diet more effective.

Once again, I am not knocking the V-Diet, it's just something I have been wondering.


Biotest doesn't make 600 a month when you use solid food. Oh and having to just take shakes is a lot easier from a planning and cooking standpoint. It's hard to screw up. You just take your shakes and dont cheat. Where as with real food you have to calculate everything yourself etc. If I had 600 bucks just laying around i would do it. seems very simple.


I'd also like to add that the V-Diet aint for everyone. I think it best suits mesomorphs and/or guys and gals with a significant amount of bodyfat. The risk here is low of losing muscle mass along with the bodyfat.

I'm an ectomorph and although I had a good amount of bodyfat when I tried the V-Diet a few years back, I ended up losing way too much strength and muscle and felt terrible on it. It was just too few calories for me. I suppose I could have upped them with more shakes the next time around but for me there won't be a next time around.


If its defense, how much do you spend on groceries? Your grocery bill will be much less, thus the cost of the supplements are really just a grocery bill.


I think that it isn't better if you know what you're doing. If you don't, however, it just takes planning/thinking out of the equation and makes life a lot more convenient.

I feel it's really for:
1) People who want to simplify dieting
2) People who have no idea where to start on dieting
3) Less experienced lifters

I don't think I would do it myself, even if the crazy shipping cost weren't an issue. Maybe a modified version, or just a lot of Metabolic Drive shakes on a regular programme so I don't have to think as much.


The OP has a very legitimate concern. I was also wondering this same thing as I would have a hard time coming up with $600 up front. It seems that solid food would have much of the same benefits, but this is a great idiot-proof program for people to follow. It's true that most people immediately (and blindly) try to customize programs like these, only to sabotage their results.


Nothing. If the V-Diet was MORE effective than a solid food diet, than you would see professional bodybuilders using it to get into contest shape after their offseason. You would see wrestlers and other fighters using it to cut weight. You don't see this, because it isn't more effective.

It IS however, more simple and idiot proof. So following it would seem to be easier for those that have a hard time sticking to a diet. Much of what "works best" in the fitness/weightlifting world has been around and been used for many decades already. People lose sight of this when they see "the next newest big thing".


The V-Diet does what every successful diet create a create deflict.

Their are a few other type diets around which are usually refered to PSMF - Protein Sparing Modified Fast.

I believe the one meal a week principle of the V-Diet is very unnecessary. And i don't buy the taste theory.

I done it for 3 weeks myself a few years ago.


Who spends $150 a week on groceries per person? I certainly don't. Food shopping for everyone else in my family would still continue. Not only that, but most people have a bunch of other stuff on their grocery bill besides food. Things that I would still need to have like toilet paper and shaving cream etc. I guess I could print out T-Nation articles from my work computer and wipe my ass with that! It is a LOT of money for 4 weeks. It is a legitemate thing to say. I am not saying it doesn't work.


I am not sure it is an issue of working better. I believe it is an issue of extreme convenience. You don't count calories. You don't cook. You don't think about what you will eat for your next meal. You just go on auto pilot. I have done it twice and each time was very pleased with the results. With the new version available there is even less to figure out as it does it for you.

For people who have spouses and/or children under the same roof there is more to consider. However if you are single or both you and your partner are doing it at the same time, it is easy, convenient and not much more money spent. Between Costco and my local grocery store I spend about the same amount of money on food alone.



I'm probably going to receive flack for this, but I 100% completely and UTTERLY disagree with the V-Diet's methods.

Not to be jocking on my own shit, but I never had to resort to a ridiculous [practically] protein-shake only starvation diet. Pure and utter nonsense.

If one has the discipline to do the V-Diet, why the fuck wouldn't they just eat chicken, veggies, and lots of other good, nutrient-dense but low-calorie foods instead?

So stupid.