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Why is the Left so Violent?


For a crowd that preaches tolerance and understanding they sure are violent. At UC Berkeley the crowd got violent in protest to a gay, Jewish immigrant from speaking on campus.
What was the protest about? He is an extreme conservative.
So if the very tolerant PC/SJW’s do not like what you have to say, they get violent. Why? Why do they fear an exchange of ideas in a peaceful manner?


Some black guy…


It looks as though the violence of the Berkeley protests were caused by an established anarchist group that had been causing issues prior to this, small, violent groups take advantage of the situation. Are some left-leaning, sure, but it would appear that there still folks that want to have open dialogue. Although I have heard (anecdote) from an aquaintence who lives in Seattle that when he told his Trump supporter friends and his Hillary supporting friends that he was voting for the opposite party, he recieved large amounts of anger from the left as opposed to the right, he said it got downright ridiculous, and they were all in the same circle of friends (once again, one case). But it is interesting.


I don’t buy that shit. This has been happening around the country…


Agreed, it has become way too common place to simply be attributed to outside groups, but they do leech onto the more peaceful protesters, there is no arguing that. What is terrible is the fact that lines for dialogue have been closed because if an argument or discussion occurs, someone can be labeled quickly with an -ism (warranted or not) and it immediately disqualifies their opinion.




Opportunistic individuals as opposed to an established group.


I think you’re cherry picking videos that suit the title of your topic. All the trump supporters hurting non-trump supporters and minorities as his rallies, and of course trump himself promoting violence…were super peaceful…


Firstly, because many of them have been protesting peacefully for years or even decades with only moderate progress, and it now looks as though it might only take months for that orange fuckwad to set various parts of the civil rights movement back 50 years. They are understandably doing all they can to show that that is not happening on their watch.

Secondly, because what (some) conservatives have to say goes beyond a simple dissenting opinion that two mature adults can respectfully disagree on. They are, among other things,

  • Insisting that it is far more dangerous for cis women to share a bathroom with a trans woman than it is for a trans woman to use the men’s room, despite overwhelming statistical evidence to the contrary

  • Insisting that the government have the final say in whether a woman (or, for that matter, a person of any gender who happens to have a uterus) allows their health, possibly life, to be threatened by a parasitic (by definition) growth that might take root there. While we’re on the subject, they also insist (again in the face of decades of medical research stating otherwise) that ‘biology’ - which they invariably have not studied beyond high school level - determines gender. This is true if we define biology properly, but becomes problematic very quickly if we say “penis --> boy, vagina --> girl” and leave it there.

  • Advocating black genocide

These protesters are not afraid of the exchange of ideas. They are afraid for their lives.


This is hardly a indication of pandemic violence as is associated with the left and those who riot, burn cars and threaten communities. I don’t condone violence be it one on one or rioting. But preponderance of violence has been associated with left leaners who are trying to shut people up by acts of violence.
When people were protesting obama, I don’t believe I saw one police car set on fire or any acts of mass violence.

The Berkeley violence is just the latest in a string of mass violence associated with the left.
Cherry picking videos? I am just showing the latest incident.


LOL! What pure horseshit. Black Genocide? LOL! That’s just idiotic.

It is telling that you support violence rather than the free exchange of ideas in an area such as a University where such things are encouraged.

These protesters were so threatened by a gay, Jewish immigrant who happens to hold very right wing opinions, that they were the ones who were threatening lives and property.

If they just peacefully protested, let Milo do his thing and go home, hardly anybody would have noticed. Instead, they made this Milo guy a superstar, and brought ire upon themselves. That’s what happened here.


And just so we are clear, science specifically does not label offspring parasitic. If you believe in evolution it’s a symbiotic relationship.


Not anymore, now this is:


Well, well, well… Looky there, must be some NY/ LA rivalry going on…


This is patently ridiculous.

It also explains the violence you do see. If someone believes in their heart of hearts that they are fighting for their very lives, well, then of course violence is justified. The problem is that the left is so adept at the mental gymnastics necessary to arrive at this conclusion.

Don’t support taxpayer-funded healthcare? You’re a Nazi. You want to see people die.
Don’t support gun control? Nazi. You want to see dead children.
Don’t support affirmative action? Nazi. You want to see dead and impoverished minorities.
Don’t support Black Lives Matter? Nazi. You want to see black men getting gunned down by cops.

These are, of course, ridiculous notions, but they are extremely commonplace. This is why direct calls for violence from the left are accepted and even applauded.

This is why the assumption of good faith is so important, and it is also a HUGE reason why the left is losing so much support. Normal people understand that most normal people are interested in a good outcome for everyone but simply disagree on the policies that get us there.


you’re right. all libtards are violent. literally half the country is just a bunch of violent, welfare-lovin’ thugs who just want to watch the world burn. They probably all have small penises and stupid faces too. And degrees in medieval literature.

but seriously. you just addressed Milo as an extreme conservative, yet you seem unwilling to label these groups as extreme. These are apparently par for the course for you as far as liberals go. You don’t think that’s a bit unfair?


I’ve been wanting to use this…


while not all liberals are violent the preponderance of political violence comes from liberals. One does not necessitate the other.


is that historically true? Like over the last 30 years?

And are you thoroughly convinced there would have been no right-wing violence in the event of a Hillary win?


And I’m skeptical as to whether then is any real utility in pointing this out constantly, if it is true. What and who are you trying to convince and/or change? Where do you go with this other than ‘see how shitty these other people are’?