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Why is the First Cycle the Best?


just wondering why people frequently claim that their first cycle was their best, what biological mechanism makes it so that every subsequent cycle of the same hormones at the same dosages dont produce the same or similar results?


My first cycle was test prop and dbol, pretty sweet.

Although my following cycles with tren were much better..Im not sure why people say their first was their best.


i was wondering because i am planning to start running cycles, but if the first cycle is always the best i dont want to waste that kind of gain while im currently cutting, i planned on taking something weak to help me throught the final part of my cut then start lean bulking with tren, but if "first cycle is always best" wouldnt that be a waste? thoughts?


It usually isnt unless the person using is very experienced in the gym and kitchen and has good guidance from others who have used before (pertaining to changes to make in training while on AAS).

Many people gain the most in a first cycle because of the law of diminishing returns. Even on AAS a person can only get SO big.


oh you said same amount of drugs? Well if someone is over their natural potential then it will take a certain amount of drugs to maintain that. And the more muscle gained over the genetic max means more drugs needed simply to maintain it (at the same body composition).


The biological equivalent of the law of diminishing returns.