Why Is Sub-Q More Effective?

Guys, find what works for you. They are virtually identical in absorption. Some guys will feel a spike on IM that they don’t feel on SubQ. Some guys get varying serum levels. I feel better on SubQ than IM and trust me when I say I’ve tried both extensively. You need to find what works best for YOU. Daily administration is the way to go if you are trying to troubleshoot a protocol that isn’t working for you. If you feel great on twice a week, stick with it.


I feel the study is confusing. I feel like they are trying to say IM is better because 200mg of T done IM produces higher T levels than SubQ at 100mg… Hardly seems like a fair comparison.

It does seem though that sub-Q does indeed have a longer absorbtion period.

why do you assume it is better?

Nobody can make any assumptions about this stuff. Try each one for 6-8 weeks. You’ll quickly realize which one your body prefers. You can’t offer your own results as the ‘best method’ for this thing. I can say that I see it going 50/50 with the guys I speak with for this kind of thing.

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