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Why is Sex Drive Still Missing?

So after 9 months I’m finally figuring out the best protocol that suits my body and SHBG.

I respond better to lower TT and still have my FT upper range, I’m on 27.5mg every 3.5 days and 100iu HCG every other day.

All labs look good and I feel better than when all my levels where higher, the anxiety and paranoia is gone and I feel better physically but sex drive is still missing.

It’s came here and there for maybe a day at a time but very rare.

TT 16.8 nmol/l 484.14 ng/dl
FT 0.509 nmol/l
E2 66 pmol/l. 17.97 pg/ml
SHBG 13 nmol/l
Albumin 45 g/l
Prolactin 221
Progesterone <0.7 nmol/l

All thyroid markers great, lipids, cholesterol etc.

I just can’t work out how I can get that sex drive, there’s nothing like it, no feeling like feeling good, alive and sexually good.

I have read a lot on here and seen that people with low SHBG reportedly with sex drive?

I would trade the physical benefits to a degree for the mental/libido benefits.

Anyone any input, advice, experience or there two pence they can offer?

I don’t know what the ranges are but your T seems quite low and this is a low dose weekly IMO. I’m not sure what dose you tried previously? Also your E2 is low and at that level I’m not surprised libido is on and off. I reckon you could look at doubling your dose to around 100mg/week. That’ll bring up your T and your E which might help libido.

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He said he did worse on higher test levels.

I was previously on 100mg a week and 250iu HCG EOD and I felt awful, I only began to feel better when I lowered my dose.

Is this good? Bad?

E2 is pretty low and that can cause poor libido.

This is good, top of range is 0.62 nmol/l

I found that once a week is better for me than twice a week. There is also the complication of the HCG, which not everyone reacts well to. It can make things a little “Off” by itself, which is why you’ll guys posting over and over for the new guys to dial in just test first, then try other things if needed in addition.

I don’t think they do.

Do you have lab results prior to starting TRT and lab results when you were taking 100mg test plus 250IU qod hCG? If so, would you post them?

Most guys on TRT report increased libido. While there is more to this than SHBG, from what I’ve seen, men and women with lower SHBG generally have increased libido.

These are my numbers pre treatment:

FSH 6.79 IU/L normal

LH 5.65 IU/L

Oestrogen <18.4 pmol/l

SHBG 11.9 nmol/L

Total T 7.23 nmol/L, 6.4 nmol/L, 3.96 nmol/L, 6.2 nmol/L

I’ve put in a pic of when I was on higher dose too

I think you may do better around 80-100 T/ week with no hcg. Your pre treatment E2 was virtually non existent and that jumped quite high, to be expected with above range T, but at 100/week plus HCG. Did you ever run T alone?

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E2 still looks pretty low to me… honesty everything does.

I would try 100mg a week without hCG.

Why no HCG though? Then testicles shut down and what about upstream hormones?

If you decide to drop the HCG and try TRT alone you might need to increase the T dosage because your estrogen will decrease do to stopping the HCG.

Why no HCG though? Then testicles shut down and what about upstream hormones?

The HCG is known to decrease libido in a lot of men, you said you are willing to make sacrifices to get libido.

From all the posts I have read, I see you are low SHBG too? How did you get your libido on TRT?

TRT in isolation, EOD dosing.

What about other affected hormones like preg, prog, DHEA etc?