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Why is Sarah an 'Idiot'?


Sarah can't name her favorite magazine (I don't read them and neither does she) but Obama says, without knowing the facts, that the police acted 'stupidly'...while trying to promote his healthcare bill. "Yeah, Barack, the country will ignore that and follow you on the healthcare stuff. Yeah."

Her approval rating in Alaska was 54% on leaving. Yet the brilliant Harvard Law grad and governor of Massachusetts is at 31% and has turned his state into a disaster area. "But Sarah only graduated from the University of Idaho, so she's an idiot!"

Libs have an IQ less than room temperature...in a meat locker. Jesus...


She's not an idiot. Noone at that level is an idiot. The moment She came and on scene and pushed McCain ahead in the polls, the media went to work on her like the true professionals that they are. It's so unbelievable how people can really be steered into what to think. I watched it happening and was just honestly shaking my head.

There was so much rigging in the last election that it made me sick. OBAMA was to win at all costs and there would be no one to stop him. The insidious propaganda did it's job.


Have you listened to her press conference?

Could you actually follow her ramblings?


Oh bullshit! Look at Nasty Pelosi She is the stupidest person I think I have ever seen. I am surprised she can dress herself.


Palin is an idiot for resigning...She looks weak, timid, and has lost credibility. I was disappointed in her, but I sure hope she does a Playboy spread....


She came off as the bubbly prom queen, which is not what people were looking for in a candidate seeking the White House. Rather than show a side of experience, insight, articulation, she showed a side more along the lines if a political Kelly Bundy.


Yes so a member of a racist church with personal racist inclinations and of a questionable birth right was elected instead. I don't know who's dumber, Palin or the American Public.


So the last thread on this whole thing just wasn't enough for you HH?


My point is that a decent, moral, hard working person is FAR more desireable in government than a bunch of lawyers who've never run anything or built anything. Sarah built a business and was a successful governor. What have yo-yos like out wonderful Harvard Law grads done?

In 1913, our national debt was 2.9 billion. Its now trillions. So much for turning our country over to lawyers and other criminals, no matter how 'brilliant' they are.


C'mon Irish...we're waiting....where is the hate?


Sarah Palin is an idiot because Sarah Palin is hot, and most female journalism revolves around making the female journalist appear hotter. There are not many female journalists more attractive than Sarah Palin, female journalists know it, and so Sarah Palin is an "idiot." The other issue is Sarah Palin has a loving husband and is fertile. Liberal female journalists tend to have 0-1.5 children as they approach the age of 40 after a divorce or two. Have you noticed that almost all of Tina Fey's "comedy" revolves around her barrenness and her inability to pin down a man whilst keeping her career going? Isn't this her story in real life (oh, sorry, she has her child now)? Wasn't Fey one of Palin's biggest mockers during the campaign?

In reality, Palin commits far fewer verbal gaffes than our Vice President, who (hopefully) is being kept on a short leash by David Axelrod and the President.

Male journalists go along with what the female journalists say in hopes that it will endear them to the female journalists and get them laid.


A bigger idiot does not exsist




Where do you get your shit? I want some.


Pelosi, Reid, and Frank are far stupider. They may be the dumbest people on earth. I have seen more intelligent dog shit.


Brilliant riposte, FI.


It's not always easy to counter the stunning brilliance that every post of yours encompasses.

By "stunning brilliance" I mean "I think you're mildly autistic."


You asked earlier where I get my "shit" so that you could get some. Now you've decided I'm mildly autistic? Does that mean you're asking where you can get some "mild autism," or you've changed your mind and decided I'm not "on" anything at all?


Simple, brilliant, and hilarious! LOL!!!!


Ok top this :slight_smile: