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Why is Phil Heath so Boring?


I remember the days when i used to wait for the arrival of my Battle For The Olympia dvds with excitement. Back then, training videos of pro bodybuilders were fun to watch.

Today i opened Flexonline website and there were 2 new training videos of Phil Heath for 2015 Olympia. They were so boring that i had to close them after 2 minutes. When the websites uploaded Ronnie's or Jay's workout videos in their primes, i used to watch them countless times.

I dont know why but there is something boring about Phil Heath and i dont think he has too many fans. Maybe everybody expects him to be as hardcore as Ronnie was but obviously thats not going to happen. Phil likes to keep it safe when it comes to training, which is very smart, but very boring at the same time.

Just wanted to share my thought.


Yeah, I don't know why but he's boring to me as well. Plus he's too full of himself... "Yeah, you know, not a lot of people can do this... actually it's really just me. I'm pretty great. They won't be able to beat me." Haha.


Because bodybuilders are boring. :wink:


I think it's easy to forget that people who spend so much time in the gym, aren't always the most entertaining people to just shoot the shit with. There have really only been a few Mr Olympias who I have found engaging for one reason or another, and I'll even admit that trying to get anyone who is not already a fan of the sport to watch them and find them entertaining is a hard sell indeed.



I agree with you on that. Although I always enjoyed watching Big Ron throw around some iron. His pre lift antics and combined strength made him quite amusing and entertaining. Plus he always trained in that poor ventilated busted gym with just him and a few of his mates. He looked like he was having fun, and I think that aspect makes him more enjoyable to follow.


HA! And they're both boring compared to Strongman


Dorian was always fun... well, I didn't actually find him fun but his training partner was mental. "Christmas time for the lower back" what does that even mean? haha


Maybe its because watching a guy do 7 different kinds of curls and 5 different kinds of triceps extensions in a workout just isn't that interesting.


Most likely referring to the "Christmas Tree".


You guys think watching Phil Heath train is boring? Go watch Flex Wheeler training legs.


Haha the worst.
Most fun to watch training videos are unbelievable by ronnie and thats the way i do it by dennis james.
I laughed a lot in these ones.


"Yeah buddy! Light weight baby!"


Think about it though,.. IMO, most competitors, or at least "gym warriors" find some commonality with guys like Dorian, and Big Ron because while they maybe weren't the most eloquent in their public appearances, I don't think that 's an actual prerequisite of winning the Olympia.

I loved watching Dorian because I knew what it was like to leave it all in the gym after each session. I loved watching Ronnie because you could tell that he just had this deep, almost insane love of the actual training, and I "got it."

If either of these men could have just trained, and made the money they did from being Mr. O without waltzing around in a speedo in front of millions of people in attendance, online, and in magazines, I would think there's a good chance they would have been just as happy.

Phil seems to want to be a celebrity.



I remember I was likely the only person who recognized Dorian Yates and Steve Weinberger in Roosevelt Field mall in the summer of 1998. He wasn't friendly at all to me when I asked for his autograph. Perhaps he was in negative nitrogen balance.

I think some of we bodybuilding fans expect or desire for our beloved bodybuilding stars to be entertaining and interesting, when like in all fields, there are those who have such qualities and those who don't. Phil Heath has made it his profession to compete in the Olympia and to receive any money he can, directly from competing, or from other bodybuilding endeavors that generate income. That's pretty much it. It would be nice if he was entertaining and interesting, but clearly to some he is not. If one actually wants bodybuilding entertainment, he can tune into those who have made it their aim to be bodybuilding entertainers, such as Rich Piana, Chris Jones, CT Fletcher, and the like.

I don't think Jay is or was entertaining either, but I like him.


Jay reminds me of snuffleupagus, impossible not to like really. You can tell he had an influence on how Phil puts himself out there. We're very fortunate he did otherwise Phil would be very difficult to bear.


I don't really follow a lot of recent bbers but for some reason I always found lee priest amusing. I dunno whats up with the face tattoos. Anyway he can at least joke around about things


This is exactly why i dislike Phil Heath.
He is 4 times Mr Olympia but still wastes his time to make a video for the ' haters '
Really interesting.


I have to ask. If you dislike him, why do you keep watching his videos?


Because as a die hard bodybuilding fan, i feel obliged to watch all Olympia prep training videos :)))


That clip was like the backstory of a supervillain.