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Why is PCT so Easy so Far??


ok so it has been 1 week of pct
Started 3 weeks after last sust pin and 3 days after last prop.
Thing is i feel fine, Muscles are feeling tired again.Sex drive is up.
and weight the same.

Thing is I also was trying for a baby and got the missis pregnant towards the end of cycle. perhaps this means nothing but maybe i was not shut down so bad?
Iam aware that maybe i have a bit of test still in action in my system?.I'm just wondering if this is unheard of? I was running sust for 12 weeks, 500pw


PCT's really not as bad as the internet would have you believe. Most people are just whiny little bitches and cry because their bench goes down a little bit then they blame clomid for being such a pussy.

It's a genetic thing, really; some people have a hell of a time recovering but for the most part people's "issues" during PCT basically come from being emotionally unable to cope with a slight dip in strength and this crazy notion that every second that goes by they're getting smaller.


cheers for reply.day 7 now. aggression even better in gym now as fighting.
I am getting a little bit fat, bf about 20% maybe. but dont care as will start cut in april.


To add, temporary hormonal imbalances make some people go crazy. Some aren't affected at all. I cannot empathize with their misery since I wouldn't know what's going on in their heads, they can't fathom how I can feel almost normal. I don't enjoy alcohol. Some people get addicted and drink themselves to death. That's how it is. People are different. I mean, you don't have alcoholics saying people who don't like drinking are lying, do you?


no you're right, the hormonal imbalances probably can make people go nuts, but I'm sure that 90% of the people who claim PCT is rough are just convincing themselves they'll have problems so they do.


Eh? I wasn't disagreeing with you. Must be the low E2.

Ha ha ha


haha! Yeah probably. That and my insomnia's back, haven't slept properly in about a month...


That sucks. Try doing what I do when I can't fall asleep.

Watch Aliens.



I'm sorry man, I couldn't resist it.

Do you get insomnia often? Have you had a check up?


I've never had emotional issues with PCT, but after a while, my body started to get smaller, not the same pump, getting fat with the same food intake, and at the end, you are running against all this VISUAL lost. In my case, i opted for BC because of competition and mainly, mainly, sincerely, because of the visual reached and the food intake without getting fat, only getting better.

Who wants to see yourself getting worst day by day? Noone! I confess it's an addiction, it is! But now, now, I do have problems with my fertility and I'm doing HCG + little test, just because I want to have kid. You are a lucky guy, getting your wife preggo in the end of the cycle... lucky guy! Congrats!

IMO, the majority wouldn't have problem doing PCT, but they chose to don't do it, not because of the sides, but because of the lack of "something else" that's going to give then some advantage, with food intake, with gaining muscle, with girls, with self image, with confidence... the feeling of being some superman kinda one!


lol, going to stay up all night watching movies to try and reset my sleeping pattern so Aliens is actually a good shout!

I'm cool though man, thanks. Happens every now and then. All nighter tonight, hit the gym early tomorrow, resist the urge to sleep all tomorrow then bed at a sensible hour tomorrow night. Sorted.