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Why is Obama's Name Not Used Fully?


Why did they drop "Hussein" from his name? Why did the President that ren on openness and change and transparency drop his middle name? Why didn't he Use his full name with pride?

He is Barrack Hussenin Obama. So why remove the "Hussein" part?


I never heard the first Bush reffered to as George Herbert Walker Bush, nor William Jefferson Clinton. The last president was just George W. Bush.

It's just his middle name. Get over it.


If you did not hear this, it is because you were not listening. I am not claiming a conspiracy, nor do I care. But that does not mean that I ignore a fact.


Because fruitcakes kept getting hung up on how "muslim" the name sounds.


I really don't care what they call him, I disagree with much of what he says no matter his name.


And now by judging how things are going, maybe that instinct would have been right? I actually used the question to illustrate how things are "guided" by carefully shaping a persons image in the public mind.


If you think the media always use a president's full name, then you're the one who's not listening. It's President Bush, President Clinton. Sometimes a nickname like "Jimmy" Carter, or "Harry" Truman. How many times have you ever heard "James Earl Carter?" Be honest.


But they never make an effort to NOT use their middle name. I know what you're saying, obviously, but that not what i'm talking about.


Hussein does have negative connotations in this country, since Saddam was our poster boy of evil until September 11th 2001.


Just speaking from the last three presidents, William Jefferson Clinton is used frequently, as is George Herbert Walker Bush and George W. Bush. I hear it all the time in the media.
Your statement was that you had "never" heard them referred to by their full names. My experience is the opposite.
Having said that, I fully understand why Obama's middle name has been dropped. It can, and I am sure often does, bring up negative connotations.

Having said this, I can only speak for myself. I do not care. He did not chose his name. It is what it is.
I have a name that if spoken in its entirety sounds very country or "bubbaish". Therefore, I rarely use my middle name. No big deal. My choice.


Never was too strong a word. But I don't recall hearing "George Herbert Walker Bush" or even "George H. W. Bush" until after George W. was elected president in 2000, eight years after H. W.'s presidency. And then the "H. W." was inserted to differentiate the two. The only time I ever remember hearing William Jefferson Clinton was for special occaisions like an inauguration or state of the union. Otherwise he was just Bill.

But I agree with you that I personally don't really care. For me, hearing people emphasize the "Hussein" reminds me of the stupid shit associated with the opposition, like claims that Obama is a secret muslim, etc. I think he will go down as a lousy president mostly for being the poster boy of the weak, indecisive liberal, for trying to spend his way out of debt, and many other failures. But we don't need the conspiracy theory "secret muslim" crap.


The reason people make a point of adding in the middle names of the Bushes is so that you can tell them apart.


Because of fruitcakes like you. The similarity between Obama and Osama was bad enough, it's not a good campaign strategy to give the nutjobs more fodder. And he still doesn't embrace it because in four years, there will be another election. God forbid ANY President should show the ability to think ahead.



But then again, and maybe I missed it, how is he avoiding using his name? I'm surprised people here are accepting the premise of this question. I've heard it prominently numerous times. The Cairo speech comes quickly to mind.


I usually ignore threads about this topic because it's so goofy. I don't care if the guy is muslim, jewish, or worships cabbage (ie the religion of environmentalism). Don't care if he's black, white, or peppermint striped.

However, using "The Cairo Speech" as an example kind of lends creedence to the OP and this thread. It implies that Obama (or, at least his staff/speech writers) will make a point to use it when it's politically expedient, like when giving a speech to a largely muslim audience in Cairo (maybe not so much to southern Alabama Bible groups).


And that's another thing I don't like about this clown.


Thats the precise subtlety i was referring to in this Thread. The Deliberate politicizing of his Middle name to hide from one group and to advertise to another.

To the non Muslims he presents himself as just like them, but to the Muslims he presents himself as one of them, namesake and all.


So would you provide him cover, defend him, if he chose to use his middle name frequently and publically in the US? Or, would you just turn around and emphasize the "Hussein," with a sly accompanying wink?


The only reason the OP wants Obama's middle name to be brought up more often is so he can deride it.

That's medieval thinking.