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Why is Oatmeal Such a Good Carb?


I've been having 2 servings of oatmeal (along with 2 scoops of protein) for breakfast for quite some time now and I hear a lot of people talking about how it is one of the best carb sources but I have to ask

What makes it such a good carb source?
Is it absorbed quickly or slowly?
Does it cause a significant, short lived insulin spike or is it absorbed steadily over a long period of time?
When is the best time to take it (morning, PWO, pre workout...)?


dude dont think about it, just eat that for a breakfast cuz its loaded with carbs and ya its good shit! i eat it almost every morning, and its oats thats why its good carbs, i think. i think absorbtion depends. but i only eat in the moning, but id think whenever, but protien its what you need for pre/post workout.


Im asking because I want to know if eating oats is optimal or if there are better choices, like fruit, when it comes to carb sources. I know the answer to this is probably something like "it depends on the moment" and that is also what im trying to figure out: I general, what types of carbs go where?


I like oats because they provide plenty of carbs at breakfast, some fiber, and they're supposedly slow digesting.
Oh, and they're convenient.


Oats are some of the best form of carbs out there, and definitely the best grain-source. The reason is because oats have a much higher fibre count than other starches, so it buffers the effect of insulin spiking that normally comes with starchy foods.


Complex carbs great for morning, before or during workouts(maltodextrin,waxy maize) simple carbs great for after workouts (think dextrose, kids cereal MightyStus poptarts)

If you're not allergic to oats. They're are awesome. Great source of fiber 4 per serving, protein 6 gram per cup I believe and has a good amount of carbs (was 26 carbs a cup?). Who says you can't throw in some fruit into the mix? Add some frozen blueberries, banana, apple slices or something for more added goodness.


Steel cut oats are better than rolled oats. Google it.


Because they are a complex carbohydrate. It takes the body much longer to digest it and turn it into energy than a simple carb like what's in candy and white bread.

I eat 1 cup of instant oatmeal 2-3 hours before I lift and have found no other food or supplement that compares to the energy it gives me.


they are just considered one of the best because they are fast, taste good, and the digest slowly (also good at absorbing water) both of which will give you alot of energy throughout the day.


is it possible to mix raw eggs into it? taste wise anyways


The complexity of a carb has very little to to with its glycemic effect, but oatmeal still has a relatively low one.
For instance, an apple is pretty much all simple sugars, but has a relatively low glycemic effect.
White bread is a complex carb but has a high one.


Heart friendly too... the soluble fiber in oatmeal is known to lower LDL (the "bad" cholesterol) while raising healthy HDL levels. Of course this is if you are eating an all around healthy diet.

I can also attest to the energy benefits stated by "elano" above... my teammate and I survive (literally) on the stuff while on mission. We eat five to six cups a day; mixing it into our instant tomatoe soup packets; mix it with peanut butter; we even eat it dry!


It's so damn good because its not ground into micron sized particles like wheat flour. Also its not hominy treated with lye(thats what grits are) plus anything with a Quaker on its container can't be bad for you! true steel cut oats are better for you, but taste like eating cement. maybe i don't cook em long enough.

one thing though, I have heard not to mix protein powders with warm oats, or anything warm, as it denatures the protein molecules. any ideas on that one?


Denaturing a protein is part of the digestion process anyways, there's no problem with it.


thank god. didn't want to be fucking up my protein! that would suck


Exactly. Thats also part of my dilema. Should I focus on the GI of different carbs then when choosing one for a specific time of the day (e.g. high GI PWO and low GI for beakfast)?


I suppose so. After a while you start to do it instinctively.
For instance, the only time I ever consume something sugary is pre or post workout. Every other time of the day my carbs come from oats, beans, some fruits, and veggies. Some of the fruits have a higher glycemic effect, like bananas, but the glycemic load isn't very high.
Of course, some days I'll sit down and have an entire pizza for dinner. No big deal, it hasn't all gone to my waist.


How do you feel about oats PWO?


isnt waxy maize better for post workout because its a faster absorbing carb?


Because it tastes great when I throw two spoons of brown sugar into it.