Why is No One Taking Boron?

One study in otherwise healthy men noted that acute supplementation of Boron, over the period of 6 hours, failed to increase total testosterone levels yet trended to increase free testosterone (+14.7%) and DHT (+9.9%) although neither was statistically significant, yet significantly reduced Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) by 9% at the 6 hour mark yet required 2 hours to reach significance.[15] After 7 days of supplementation, the increase in free testosterone (28.3%) reached significance yet the SHBG decrease was not.[15] Another study using 4 weeks of 10mg Boron supplementation noted a trend towards increased testosterone (11.4%) but failed to reach statistical significance.[6]
One study has been conducted on athletic males participating in bodybuilding, using a lower dose. 2.5mg of Boron daily for 9 weeks elevated plasma boron levels (20.1ppb to 32.6ppm; a 62% increase) yet failed to find significant differences between groups for any hormones measured.[28]
In healthy male adults, supplemental Boron appears to be have mixed results. It has been implicated in increasing testosterone, but these may be dependent on time or dose as prolonged studies with the same or a lesser dose fail to replicate the increase in free testosterone seen in one study

Been there, done that in the 90’s, it didn’t work.

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