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Why is My Sex Drive Low?

hello ,im 19 and i just got blood tests from the hospital , i have low sex drive , this might be psychologic but take a look on my results and tell me your opinion please :

FSH - 3.68 mUI/mL (1.27 - 19.26)
LH - 4.84 mUI/mL (1.24 - 8.62)
E2 - 42.0 pg/mL (15.0 - 31.5)
TT - 736.48 ng/dL (259 - 816)
hCG - 0.14 mUI/dL (0.00 1.10)

maybe Estradiol is too high?

No, teenagers have higher estrogen levels. You’ll need more tests, thyroid, free test, prolactin, DHEA-S, VitD, SHBG would be nice. Surprised hCG was checked. Looking for a hormone secreting tumor, I suppose.

Also cbc, metabolic panel, and perhaps igf 1

I’ve seen where charts where guys his age their e2 should be around 24

Wonder if he had normal puberty? And any childhood gyno?

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I have also seen them. Their hormones will swing wildly.

If you watch a lot of porn, that could be an issue. Especially since you’re 19. I pretty removed porn from my life and that’s only helped my sex drive

I agree with what boydskii said.

Porn does something bad to our brains.

Remember back when you were young, and seeing porn for the first time? Remember it was likely just straight boring male/female sex, and how aroused you got? Doesn’t happen anymore, does it?

See now you need something more exciting… something more perverted. Your brain has become desensitized to NORMAL sex. SO, when you’re with a woman, things aren’t so arousing.

I think this has affected me as well boydskii. It’s legit and porn should probably be avoided.

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That’s why I still watch porn. Too much sex drive. :joy::thinking:

But I will cut back. I get more swollen down there when I cut porn. Meaning get excited quicker.

Great video. Enjoy. My boy @unreal24278 will like this too.

Total T is the absence of Free T doesn’t tell you anything, Total T in bound to SHBG and isn’t bioavailable, Free T is bioavailable and is where the rubber meets the road. I have seen men Total T >1500, SHBG 246 and Free T in the gutter with every symptom of low T.

You need Free T measured, SHBG would be nice as well. Thyroid is also important and if there’s low thyroid function, you can expect the same symptoms as low T. Checking TSH, Free T3, Reverse T3 and antibodies provides a full picture of thyroid status. Free T3 is probably the most important test of all and doctors often skip it.

No sir , my puberty was very delayed , im 19 but i look like 16 , i also quit porn like 2 years ago because i was getting addicted to fap more than actual sex , i have lack of agression and i think i suffer from anxiety because im always making troubles in my head every time…
i dont have gyno but my skin is too soft ,not rough like my friends

Testosterone effects the skin, men typically have tougher skin than women and young children.

Has your voice changed?
Penis full size?


Puberty coming on later is more common now adays I’m not sure why. Your PCP doc has short term treatments for it. You really should talk with him. Ask about having your IGF-1(Insulin-like growth factor 1) measured because you have a concern your HGH is not high enough.
Many young kids are put on HGH injections for a short period of time.
ref reading:
The human growth hormone ( HGH ) is a hormone that is made by your body in the pituitary gland and many claim have anti-aging properties. It is often marketed as an anti-aging hormone for adults. … Children sometimes receive HGH injections because a lack of the hormone in their body is impacting their growth rate.

HGH ( human growth hormone ) and IGF - 1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor) are closely related steroid hormones which stimulate muscle and bone growth. GH is produced in the pituitary gland, deep in the brain, and it circulates through the blood to the liver, where it stimulates production of IGF - 1 .

You should also ask him to test your pituitary gland. For Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone ( FSH), which is another gonadotropin made in the pituitary gland.

If he refuses to do these test find another doctor until you get one that listens.