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Why Is My DL and Squat So Weak?


I can clean and jerk 315 and bench 405 touch in go, but can only squat 465 to good depth and deadlift a hard 515. These 2 lifts seem pretty low compared to my bench and c&j. I have noticed that my rack pull is prob 30lbs more than deadlift, could that be a problem area? I feel like my dead should be 600 and squat 550, what do you guys think? I'm not sure how to correct this imbalance...


Even though your lifts are about double mine I strangely enough agree.

I bet your form could use some improvements. Iv noticed when I fix my form my performance jumps 10-20% which would put you around your projected range.

Do an article search for squats, and dead lift.


Holy crap. You sound like me. Our numbers are close to identical.

Do you have short(er) arms and a long torso?

Is a good depth ATG?


Not quite ATG, but I break past parallel. I do notice my upper body falls a bit forward in bottom position...

I'm 6', my arm span is 6', I would say if anything I had long legs, as opposed to a long torso.


If your upper body is falling forward, you're probly weak in the posterior chain, which could explain why your numbers aren't where you think they should be.


Your squat and deadlift are not necessarily weak comparatively. Your morphology could simply be very conducive to benching. And on the clean and jerk. I'm not sure your technical proficiency, but if you are particularly good at these lifts, that is the same clean(although not jerk, which was 300) I have attained when only being able to back squat 350.

My morphology is similar..I have very long legs at 6'3 and average length arms...that, coupled with othter things such as connective tissue strength(which my lower back lacks from a back injury i suffered when I was 18 lifting an engine block...young and dumb...what can i say) my squat has never been stellar, highest for me was 405. You should also pay attention to your body's posture.

Do you have excessive anterior or posterior pelvic tilt. Are your glutees inhibited. Tight hip flexors? Internally rotated femurs? If you fall forward...adjsut your training to compenate for that...I recommend safety bar squats. Bring your handss in closer together when you squat and focus on driving your head back also.

Goodmorning..while a fine exercise...havee never personally helpd me with falling forward...even when pushing the weights high...but that is me....trial and error is the name of the game.