Why is My Deficit DL Easier Off Floor Than Regular DL?

Hi. For some reason, my deficit deadlifts always seem easier off the floor than my regular deadlifts. I attached two videos. The first is floor and the second is deficit.

I think I am setting up the same way, but perhaps with the deficit I am squatting down more to reach the bar, and therefore using my quads/leg drive more? I can’t figure it out, but I am open to any comments or suggestions.

For reference, I am in more of a volume phase, so the weights are not very heavy. The deficit was 25 lbs lighter, but honestly I don’t think that was the difference. It just seemed a lot easier to generate power off the floor on the deficit.

Lastly, I stand a towering 5’8" if that is helpful and my DL PR is a little short of 400 (still can’t hit 405, yet).

Thanks in advance.

It’s set to Private.

Thanks Let me try to figure out the setting.

Here are the videos. I hope I changed the settings properly. Thanks




You’re getting more quad action, like “Leg Pressing” the bar off the floor.

I was just watching a video with Dave Tate helping a dude with his deadlift. Dude had trouble off the floor, Tate said do deficit deads to build leg drive. So they started piling shit u for dude to stand on, like half an inch at a time.

After like twenty minutes they get the deficit up to like 2.5 or 3 inches. Suddenly, at that height BAM, they get the leg drive/quad action that they want. Dave says that that is a “good” height for dude, at that that will be his strongest position, and that he would deadlift the most from that height.

I guess there is an individual “perfect” height for every different body to pull from, but I never imagined that some guys would pull MORE with the bar set lower.

Anyway, Dave explains that the 2.5 inch deficit is too easy, and makes dude pull from like a 4.5 inch deficit to really find a difficult position to strain from and more effectively build leg drive. Dude has to remove his shoes to get his feet under the bar.

Was about to say check what your hitting the days before each lift but looks like same day. You don’t struggle so in reality that pull from the floor was probably closer to a warm up set than anything else. For the most part same goes with the deficit. You put more weight on there and you’ll see a difference. 60% of a max is too light for the most part powerlifting wise.