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Why is My Deadlift Strong and Everything Else Weak????


ok guys first off im 20 years old and have been training for about 3-4 years i've always wanted to get into powerlifting but 2 of my 3 mains lifts have always lacked and i cant figure out the problem my deadlift is far superior to my bench and squat and ever my powerclean seems like it is way to close to my bench and squat numbers now my numbers are nothing speacial at all in fact after seeing most of the other peoples numbers on here im almost embarresed to post them but here they are just to give you an example of how bad it is

Deadlift 455 3x3
Bench 295 1RM
Squat 295 1RM
powerclean 235 1RM

So there it is guys any help anyone can give me with this problem would be greatly appreciated


My DL was way ahead of my other lifts when I started powerlifting as well. It was basically a function of my leverages (long arms and long legs) and not carrying enough weight (215 lbs. at 6'1"). I as learned to train better and gained weight, my SQ and BP improved faster than my DL (although my DL stayed ahead of the other lifts). What you are describing is very typical of young, skinny trainees. You simply have to get on a proven training system (hopefully with some good training partners) and work on gaining weight.


Compared to other numbers the bench isn't necessarily weak so squat is your main focus. Luckily that one is easier to improve than bench. So eat more and give that lift priority. I haven't done it yet but sounds like a good time to try Smolov


What kind of program are you on? What type of split, routine ect.?


thats not a weak bench....its...good..


Honestly as far a schedule or a split it changes every week which I know is bad but I get so bored doing the same thing over and over again I just make sure every week I bench, squat and deadlift but as far as reps sets and accessory work it always changes and I'm not skinny in any sense I'm 6'2" 215 and I want to put on weight but scared of gaining fat I started looking into nutrition about a year and a half ago and have dropped from 260 to 215 and maintained my strength and since then I have developed a fear of getting as fat as I was


Your squat is lacking... squat more.


The only lift that looks lacking is your squat, your bench seems more impressive than your deadlift, at least to me.


Bench and deadlift are good, squat is lacking. That being said, take a look at your technique, it might be something in their.

Although you get bored easy, pick one or two accessory movements and stay consistent. Thats really the key. I'm no expert but its helped me during my fat loss phase.

You say you don't want to get fat, I don't think you will, just eat and train your face off, you'll be fine. If you still are worried, just start cycling your carbs :slight_smile:

Well thats my two cents.

Hope it all improves for ya



If you have access to a video recorder of some kind, Have sombody video you Bench and Squat. You might just need to tweak your form or your breathing. Post the videos and we can see how you are setting up and I would say video the 295 lifts so you can really see where or if your form is failing......


This is your problem.