Why is lunch meat bad?

Berardi states in his lean eating part II…

"In addition, here’s the other list that I give to my clients. These are foods to avoid at all costs:


Fatty meats
Fatty dairy
****Most lunch meat ****
Large amounts of milk
Large amounts of soy "

Why is sliced turkey breast/sliced roast beef that I can purchase at the deli bad for me? Is it just the sodium content, or what? I eat one turkey sandwich made with lunch meat every day, and thought it was a good thing to eat…

The shit preservatives.


look at my old post, there was a whole thread on this like a month ago.

Yup, just like Zulu said. Tons of nasty perservatives (nitrates, nitrites, and lots of others), often lots of salts, the meat’s cooked to death, and salami type stuff is just scary.

Well, isn’t that like saying ‘aspartame is bad’. From a body composition standpoint, what’s the problem? If I’m not worried about getting cancer (which, maybe stupidly, I’m not), why is it UNHEALTHY? I’ll go search for that thread, although the search function on this site is highly sub-optimal…


The hell?

You’re asking whether it’s healthy and ignoring the fact that it might be carcinogenic?

I don’t know if this is like aspartame; that’s a good question. Maybe it’s overhyped as well. In any case, you can get tastier and healthier stuff.


My mommy shops for me.


There is the argument that fat storage is a form of getting rid of toxins. It can put the toxins into the fat if it can’t get rid of all of it. And the more bad stuff you eat, the more this would be likely.

If the body isn’t in a healthy state, then it would make losing fat and gaining muscle more difficult. Eating bad stuff can stress the adrenals, and adrenal fatigue could eventually result which can make it more difficult to gain muscle and lose fat.

Also, if you get cancer, I don’t think your body composition would fare too well.

Also, if you get cancer, I don’t think your body composition would fare too well.


Have you ever looked at the ingrideients on some of that shit? Many of the shotty meats list things like sugar, dextrose, maltodextrin. And if you look at the nutrient info, it even has carbs. Meat with carbs (let alone sugar)? That is just plain screwed up.

so are you all agreeing that low sodium turkey breast is bad for us?

morg what the f- are you trying to say about body comp and cancer? it makes nosense.

I am going through cancer right now I think my body comp is fine. It’s my immune system thats shot.


A compromised immune system is indicative of excessive cortisol, partially due to the use of corticosteroid medications. A rise in cortisol in itself (independent of whether or not one has cancer) will negatively impact body composition by promoting gluconeogenesis.


“I am going through cancer right now I think my body comp is fine. It’s my immune system thats shot.”

I’m so sorry to hear that. The extent to which it would affect body comp would depend on what type of cancer you have, and how far along it is. For example, if you get cancer of the digestive tract from all the junk in processed meat, then I’m sure that would cause problems. And if you have to get chemo (god forbid), then I would think things wouldn’t be great bodybuilding-wise. I don’t know what kind of cancer you have, so I’ll shut up.

But also, if you think about it, if the immune system is shot, then that leaves you open to illness, and I think most people here know that an illness can really do a number on a gaining cycle effort.

Hope everything goes well for you, fitone.

Eric- thanks for the scientific clairfication. I was thinking of more on the lines of what does cancer have to do w/ body comp as in bf% ect.

morg I understand what you were trying to explain now.

In health,

Silas C.

Whole Foods has lunch meats without nitrates or preservatives. And a very tasty packaged turkey kielbasa.


what about students eating at meal hall? my university only serves shit hamburgers, (read president choice paddys), and shitty deli meat with the occasional pork. tuna is only available like 3 times a week. It’s either eat some shitt deli or drink milk, of which i already consume a minium of 6 cups a day.

Depsyphor, there’s a compromise. There’s a type of deli meat I love, Boar’s Head. No nitrates, nitrites, etc. Real meat. Problem is it’s more expensive than “regular” deli meat. It would be more cost effective to pack a chicken breast.

I do agree with what was said above. If you’re wanting to build quality muscle and a strong, healthy body, it’s a good idea to use quality food sources. Health is typically not an issue in your 20s. Your “sins” and health issues tend to start catching up with you in your 40s.

My mom purchases lunchmeat… so getting expensive stuff isn’t an option…

Sadly, sandwiches seem to be a thing of the past… damn bread… I just have to find some good CHEAAAAP P+F meals to eat during school (w/o looking too much more like a freak!) Jerky’s really pricy, and whey digests too fast… I’ll find a way over the weekend.

Tuna is one of the cheapest and handiest “portable” protein sources I’m aware of. Gotta carry the can opener, though. For fat, use raw nuts; almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts.

When you find something that works on a practical and financial level, tell yourself that you’re eating for form and function, not taste. Tell your mom and tell your friends that you have to make weight. After a while they’ll start to accept it, even if they never embrace it.