Why Is It That No T-Vixens Post?

Since my last thread was such a hit, just thought I’d ask another question. For a site that prides itself on having its very on “T-Vixens”, why is it that none of em actually post here. Not only that, I hardly see any hot chick posting here.

It’s cuz you’re here.
Stop posting.

[quote]Artem wrote:
It’s cuz you’re here.
Stop posting.[/quote]

You’re such a fucking trouble maker. I can see why the 250lb guys want to beat you ass.

I don’t know how to get rid of them either, Big Boss. The grackels always come and go. First you ignore them, and hope that not feeding them will just mean they’ll go look for an audience elsewhere.

Or, you can actually take the grackels head-on, own them, but then the end flying away to pester you somewhere else.

The funny part is, though, is that the grackel doesn’t realize that you’re only humoring and messing with it for your own entertainment. Little does the grackel know that none of the noise it makes or attention it strives for will affect your sleep tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the next day.

And really, the grackel is just a lonely bird who’s got nothing better to do than pester the people around it.

In fact, it’s quite sad; grackels are pathetic excuses for birds.