Why Is It So Difficult for my Friend to Get a GF?

My friends and I went clubbing in Miami recently. One of my friends is Pakistani, fit, average height, full head of hair, and pretty cool dude. He has fairly dark skin and people confuse him for Indian He approached girls and they all rejected him. One girl specifically asked him if he was indian and when he said “yes” ( he didn’t want to go through the explanation in a noisy nightclub) she walked away. Me oth, i’m also Pakistani but fair skin danced and made out with several girls (white and latina). I get confused for hispanic most of the time. No girl asked my ethnicity. One polish girl wanted to exchange info but I was there just to have fun not catch an STD (because miami not because she’s Polish). It seems like there is racial bias towards Indians and men that look Indian. I felt bad for him because girls say he’s handsome but when it came to it they all rejected him.

I’ll get the popcorn going, guys

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Okay, I got this one.

… Your friend isn’t hot.


Girls call him attractive all the time though. Or at least that’s what he says to me.

This is actually a fairly common situation on these boards. It usually involves some combination of lowering his training max, making sure he consistently does the prescribed assistance work, and getting in some conditioning on his non-lifting days. Also, is he doing jumps and throws before his 531 work? Lastly, Surge Workout Fuel is effective if he is using a template with high amounts of supplemental work, such as Boring But Big.

Edit: Sorry, I thought I was in the Jim Wendler Coaching Forum and didn’t really read the question. Now that I have, though, my answer still stands.


Did he dance with these girls? Does he have a heavy accent?

No they all rejected him. I always assumed the easiest spot to get women is the night club. I guess not.

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His mother doesn’t count, FYI.

Okay, on a serious note: young women in the club are known for their honesty so they must be telling the truth. Oh wait, i said seriously…

You know how much brutal honesty it takes to tell a near-stranger that they aren’t attractive? Do you actually expect your friend to get this much brutal honesty?

Or maybe your homie is fine AF and his shoes are busted. Dude’s gotta pass the shoe test, you know?

I mean, it sounds to me like that’s what OP’s friend is ultimately trying to accomplish here


Wait wouldn’t a girl be less likely to be truthful in a club considering most men are drunk and could have raging fit if you insult them (or tell the truth)

exactly my point. You cant finesse drinks out of a guy if you tell him he’s not attractive, and it sounds like your boy isn’t attractive.

Clubs aren’t exactly known for their thought-provoking small talk, so it’s probably not his small talk, though he could be opening with some real bombers… you never know.

I see what you mean bro but he’s a 26 year old virgin. He says he can get average girls but wants to save himself for a really hot one. I’m beginning to think that’s just a front. I asked my gf if she thinks he’s handsome (Yes I cheat on her). She said he’s handsome so it’s not his looks. And no he doesn’t have an accent, he was born in the US.

Lol. What dude?

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Well I made out with girls in the club so before anyone asked I already stated that I cheat on her. Yes it’s not good to do so but I have a hard time being faithful. I just asked her to obtain a females prospective. We’ve been dating a while so it’s not weird for something like that to come up.

Is that popcorn ready yet?


The girls probably don’t find him attractive because they are comparing him to you. While you haven’t provided a picture of yourself (which would be awesome) in my mind I conjure up a Jason Mamoa-esque physique with the wit and charm of the late Alex Trebek. Perhaps your friend should go clubbing with a more grotesque sideman who is not able to effortlessly weave Walt Whitman quotes into casual banter.

Edit: Sorry, but after more thought I still think the problem is likely tied to his training max being too high. He should be able to get 5 solid reps even on the heavy week.


Clint Eastwood Kids GIF


I’m like a 7/10 max with a square jaw, big eyes, 6ft, high cheek bones. I’m not a chad by any means. Although one girl rejected him in the club and I immediately swooped in after and was making out with her a little while later. I honestly think it’s because women are repulsed by indian men because of all the negative stereotypes. He doesn’t smell bad, no accent, no misogyny, not hairy, 5’9 average height. I can’t provide a pic for obvious reasons, but I can post a picture of a celebrity most girls say I look like.


There’s actually a fair amount of “manosphere” content on YouTube about Indian men and dating that you can watch. You can take a look.

I’ve seen the links because of algorithm-driven suggestions but am not interested because I’m married and not Indian. I’m only interested in the more serious content of the manosphere by academics.

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He sounds dreamy to me. I don’t know what the problem is with women these days.

Yes, the reason is very obvious. It’s, umm, well, let’s see… very obvious though. I do think you’re being modest, and that “celebrity” (who I’ve never seen before) does not hold a candle to you. He may ooze sexiness, but lacks your class and charisma.

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