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Why Is High-Rep Band Training Working?

Make this short and sweet.

Gym is closed:

Bought bands with the handle but the one where you can hook it to something or use it like a dumbbell.

I read something about people like Vince Taylor training everyday light weights.

So I want to bring up my triceps up since many like me are already Bicep dominant.

For the first day I did the following:

Use the lightest band focus on 20 strict slow controlled reps and not to fatguie the muscle just stimulate but still make it work without that much trauma.

I did one exercise which was unilateral overhead tricep excerise where the weight is behind the head in a Horizontal postion.

I did 6 sets unilaterial 20 reps focused on not to burn the muscle with lactic acid. Then every set a 30 second break or 45 seconds if the burn wouldn’t leave.

Been doing this and only these since gyms are still closed. In 3 days I already gained a cm on my triceps already. I measured three ways.

Myself, myotape, and someone else. All three came the same one cm over. Also I’m not in a bulk phase only maintaince phase. But just wanted to share maybe someone else had the same results or can contribute to this.

No I’m not a beginner been at this for 9 years. Look forward to your insight. And I don’t eat a lot of carbs in general I like high fat high protien low carb or at times carb cycling. I even woke up the same weight so I didn’t gain any weight in the process just the triceps only.

You have been training for 9 years and have never had a pump?

It is inflammation.

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fresh stimulus


No that is not what I am explaining. I am saying using light weights with slow strict form. I usually train in the 12 rep range maybe less. No the gyms are closed so I been browaing the web and found how people like vince taylor grow with this type of training. I tried it and I can tell you my arms aren’t even close to sore.


No idea what you’re saying, you mean a pump? I strictly focused on not getting the slightest pump and if I did I would rest a lot to get rid of the pump.

And?? The pump and inflammation do not have to cause soreness.

New move/rep range/whatever can cause fresh adaptation

?? why -for maximum muscle and/or stubborn bodyparts getting a pump(at least some of the time) is absolutely part of the formula

That’s what I am saying but it is working. I’m going to do this for 30 days and this time bulk in the process. But since it is arms only a 100 calorie surplus will suffice. Let’s see what happens.

Ohhh trust me pump is what I live for volume volume my body responds and so do my arms. But I’m trying something else to just see. I measured today and yup still that one cm is still there is hasn’t returned back.

Science bros talk about specific, different ways to build muscles. Muscle find fatigue, muscle damage, metabolic stress and mTor activation.

If you’re avoiding fatigue, damage and the Pump maybe you’re activating mTor? It’s a little sciencey for me to understand, but going slow on the negative and getting a full stretch at the bottom are suppose to be the way to stimulate mTor.

Also, like Badger mentioned new, fresh stuff that’s different than what you’ve done can be extra effective for a short time.

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I have always been a proponent of the somewhat controversial idea that exercise, when paired with adequate nutrition, results in musculsr growth.


It’s crazy but it works idk why science says not possible but science updates everytime. Before volume was a joke and now volume is preached more than ever. Before high reps were a joke and now high reps with failure is the best method as of noe through science to grow.

Yet you got people like Kevin Levorne who tried high reps and got smaller so he is forced to do low reps and grows rather than shrinks.

This is why I don’t listen to what everyone says if it works it works. And again I measured same that cm is still there. I love science but at the same time I am learning it has its flaws.


Sorry I didn’t see your response. mTOR huh? Interesting I never thought about that, well I will keep doing this and until my body adapts then it was fun while it lasted.

I live for your posts sir.

I take it you’re trolling. Hey try it yourself and get back and see if you see a change. I know how to train buddy.

Out of curiosity, do you have a picture of your current physique, or some videos of PR lifts?

Exactly. Been doing heavy BP at low reps? Try doing 200 push ups in as few sets as possible. You’ll be sore as hell and see changes.

Exactly. I feel like “majoring in the minors” was applied to worrying about exercise order, isolation progress, etc… but it really applies to so many areas here. Eat adequately, train consistently, and put in effort and you will get to where you need to be.

95% of the posts here are:
“Should I curl before I do tricep pushdowns?”
“Should I squat before I bench?”
“Should I take a recovery week before beginning a new program?”
“Should I eat intra-workout carbs?”

And on and on… Just eat right, show up at the gym, and put in effort and these things solve themselves…

But what we can all agree on:



1000x yes!

In seriousness, though, this is a really long grind. Like you say, put in the effort and it will take care of itself. Every now and again I check in on the threads about “I’m a couch potato… how do I simultaneously train for Delta selection and SEAL Team 6 because I don’t know which will be lucky enough to have me?”, and I promise the dudes that have done well in military schools just started rucking and the “how much” answers revealed themselves.

There was something Wendler wrote about if you’re asking about some specific tool or exercise, that means you aren’t ready for it.

Anyway, nothing leveled at the OP here; I just wanted to make curl jokes and agree with you that just working seems to work.

Trial and error will answer a lot of questions that come up as forum posts. Reality is a pretty good tutor.

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In a similar vein of TrainForPain :

I like when people are asking questions so that “they don’t waste their time on something that doesn’t work” but aren’t actually doing anything in the mean time (or at all, for that matter).