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Why is High Free Testosterone Unhealthy?

My total test. Level was 955ng/dL, with free test level of 445ng/dl. My endocrinologist said this was unhealthy long term to have the free test this high at my age of 24 years old. Why is This?

I’m doing monotherapy with Clomid

I’m jelous. my natty test is low. I would believe due to prostate issues.

also increased rbc. what was blood pressure like?

Well actually, it’s a sign shbg song is low, which in the long term can be as it has a vital role in balancing hormone stasis. Did you have that checked.

Thanks yeah my shbg was very low around 4.5. My blood pressure is like 115 over 70… doctor said its like a babies

I would relish in this fact.

Relish in having low shbg or low blood pressure?or free testostoerone level? Actually just got it checked at 135 over 75 which the doc said was up a bit from my normal