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Why is HCG Not Working for Me?


Been on T for 3.5 years no hCG. I am not primary or secondary. Nuts functioned well before T. Doc started me on hCG because I requested it. Tried compounding pharmacy brand 500IU x2 week. Saw no results and speculated that the compounding pharmacy had low quality hCG. Got prescribed brand name hCG, Novarel. Doing 1000iu x2 week IM. Still no difference in terms of size, firmness, and hang. I’ve shot 6000iu so far…

Any idea what could be causing this?


After that amount of time I assume you’re fully shutdown. HCG stimulates LH within the testes and if you’ve been shut down for years they will most likely need some time to fire back up, if they do at all. I’d say keep trying and give it some time.


Not being rude brotha - but I believe hCG acts as LH and just stimulates the LH receptors on the Leydig cells. I’ve seen guys on TRT for years who never used hCG then decided to take it and had a response almost immediately to hCG. I’m extremely curious as to why I’m not getting the same thing.

IS Varicocele possible here?


Results do vary and the amount of damage from LH deprivation and shrinkage is also an individual response. Stop looking for absolutes, there are any.

One can test hCG via a home pregnancy test while dosing normally.

The two main responses to note are recovery of size/firmness and the scrotum relaxing so the testes hang lower. If the testes are damaged, the scrotum may still respond, but with a lower weight of the testes.

hCG should be dry if shipped then reconstituted at home. Inject SC, not IM.


I received it from the pharmacy. Dry and I reconstituted it myself, kept it in fridge. Can LH deprivation be reversed?


The problem is that sometimes the testes degrade to undifferentiated lumps of collagen. The amount of risk is probably proportional to physical shrinkage.

The risks with TRT are no different VS body building steroid use.

Doctors could be better at explaining risks and use of hCG, but they are often clueless.

If you have been injecting hCG for ?3 weeks? - too soon to say. 2000iu/week is probably unwise, try 1000/week. Recover can take time as tissue changes take time. Scrotum should respond faster.


They’re about 50% the size the once were. One endo said they weren’t even that badly atrophied. I was shocked because they’re much smaller and less firm now.


You think I should give it 1-2 more months then start making some kind of assumption/see a Uro?


Yes, just chill out. I probably was a bit too direct and did not realize that you had not been dosing for long. What can a Uro do? If you read the stickies you will know more than almost all doctors.

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Okay I’ll give it another 2 months. Possibly screen for Varicocele because I have no explanation as to why my nuts would not be responding to hCG.

Also gotta question a little unrelated to this. My endo wont test for fT3. She wont test for rT3 either. She only wants to test for TSH, fT4, and antibodies.
Is this an issue?


Problem can be iodine deficiency if low, or stress/rT3 issues or autoimmune. If you have not been getting iodine, iodine+selenium is an obvious choice. Reading the sticky is required. You can post oral body temps. Perhaps you do not want this topic to be your overall case thread.