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Why is Bacon a Bad Guy?


I follow a pretty low carb diet (50-100g a day). Sometimes this makes it challenging to reach my required amount of calories. Bacon seems like an obvious answer b/c it contains 0 crabs and is pretty calorie dense (in 1/2 pound increments).

1.) Why do most people preach against bacon?

2.) Is turkey bacon any better?

James Keeton

PS: While we're at it.... what are some other good low carb foods?


Because bacon has a lot of saturated animal fat which keeps people away from eating it on a regular basis.

Are you doing a keto type diet high protein high fat?

Edit: Stupid question but it sounds like you are.


I'm attempting to follow the guidelines set forth by Tim Henriques in his article "carb cycling for fat loss."


Footloose pretty much says it all.

But seriously, it's the high saturated fat and caloric density. A strip of pork bacon is, iirc, a little south of 100kcal.


Bacon is the best.


Most people are retarded. They also think you need to eat 10 servings of whole grains each day.


Just dont eat ALL of the fat part of it. I mean there are definitely better options than bacon, regardless of how difficult it is to get your calories. But bacon isnt the end of the world.

It sounds like youre just making an excuse to eat bacon when you say you can get your cals some other way. Whatever man, do your thing.


Hah, Sue me for being curious. What are some better options than bacon?


I don't care about the fat content. I don't eat much bacon because of the nitrates.


Are you talking strictly in terms of caloric density? With no regard to protein/fat content?

How many calories do you aim to eat per day. What do you currently weigh and how many calories does it take for you to maintain that weight?

Its not even like high quality bacon is cheap. Its a luxury food. And you probably just suck at cooking if you cant eat large amounts of ground beef, ground turkey, and fish.


How about turkey bacon?


most bacon contains sodium nitrates which are not fit for human consumption. sodium nitrate free bacon is very expensive.


I started loosing weight 8 weeks ago. Started at 200 and am now at 186. I maintain around 3K and have been eating around 2500 a day. I'm trying to keep my carbs at around 100g and am looking for foods to help me do this. I generally eat 10-14oz of chicken a day and 8oz of beef. I've been trying out tuna lately... Not the biggest fan. I also eat 4 eggs a day, 1-2 cups of milk, 60-120g of whey, random veggies, and about 94-100g of cheese.

I don't drink, and I eat out about once a week.

I train 4 days a week. Currently on week 49 of 5/3/1. I've also been doing some sprints and sled dragging. The occasional barbell complex or circuit are thrown in every once and a while.


so you're trying to lose weight? how tall are you?


I'm trying to loose body fat. I am 6'3''.


pretty much this. And chances are, if you eat a lot of bacon to up the kcal's, you'll be taking in way more fat than you intended.


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Turkey bacon can have more protein than pork bacon. But if you are just looking for calorie density try nuts, aged cheeses, protein shakes with cream.

Or just eat some delicious.....



Thanks guys. This is what I was looking for.


you are 6'3" 186 and you're trying to lose weight?!?! for real?