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Why is AnimalPak the Most Popular Multi?


I was always under the impression that Animalpak was the staple multi for bodybuilder's needs, but I was recently checking into it's bioavailability and found out it may not be as great as I'd hoped.

From what I was able to find, the best is orthocore, and for people in other countries, Dorian Yates stack, but orthocore is crazy expensive~ $50 for 30 servings. Anyway, I defaulted to a multi called Orange Triad, and was curious as to what people here thought about the two.


My training partner uses Orange Triad and always said he feels it's worth the money. Personally, I've never put much concern into vitamins. Sure, I'll pop the occasional CVS version of a Centrum, but I certainly don't spend any considerable money on one (I do take Mineral Support every night though).

Animal Pack's do have some pretty hadrcore/meathead ads :slightly_smiling:



If your diet is at the very least GOOD or better, you don't need to worry so much about this. All that being said. I look for either a liquid or a liquid Gel as those are the most Bioavailable. Take with a meal and you're all set.

Again, with a proper diet, you should be getting most of your Vit & Minerals in your food. Bags of Frozen mixed Veggies are cheap, easy to prepare and there are tons of varieties. Go look in your supermarket, there are so many mixed vegetable blends you can really get in a WIDE array of veggies in every day without keeping 30 different kinds of fresh fruits and veggies on hand.

I try to keep a handful of fresh things, Bananas, Tomates, Lettuce, Onions etc... The things that you will use for cooking or whatever, and the rest of my veggie intake is just microwaving or steaming a bag of mixed Veggies.

For a decent Liquid Gel Multi look for Irwin Naturals, it's what I have been using for a while now and they seem to do the trick. I take 1/3 the reccomended dose to stretch them out as I feel my diet is good.



I think its the marketing for Animal Packs. I know it was THE vitamin in college, everyone swore by them, but they were the same ones that did redundant amounts of curls and benh press. I've always just taken a whole food vitamin with no iron, and it has seem to always keep me well.


I have used AP in the past. It's very hard to jugde, since vitamins might offer long-term benefits but do not impact, e.g. your workouts immediately, but I don't think it offered any benefits.

I eat a combined 2 pounds of fruits and vegetables every day, so I probably get a lot of highly bio-available micronutrients.
In addition, I take a serving of Biotest Superfood every day, which I believe is superior to a normal multi vitamin.
I also take 3 grams of vitamin C and 4000 i.U. of vitamin day every day.

Personally, if money were an issue, I'd spend my dollars (ok, Swiss francs for me...) on real food instead of something like AP. And Biotest's mineral support and Superfood would certainly be the better choices imho.
Cheers, Para



i really enjoyed this link that anotehr member posted here some time back...draw your own conclusions form it but i ahve since been using USANA health paks and really like them...the cost is not too high either


I view multivitamins as cheap insurance against random deficiency.

If they're not cheap... kind of defeats the purpose.


Yeah, my diet kind of sucks though. I'll probably improve upon that aspect of my training once I finish school though. Right now I'm mostly focusing on putting on size. I've made pretty good progress, tying to get up to 225 or so at 6'0.

Superfood does look like a good alternative, one of the reasons I'm trying out the one I mentioned earlier is because it's supposed to have joint support and immune boosters as well. I don't ever get sick anymore but I do think the added joint complex can't be a bad thing.


"Why is AnimalPak the Most Popular Multi?"

Because their marketing and advertising are best.


I know there was an article where Biotest hinted at dropping a multivitamin... anyone think that'll happen this year?


Excellent post, thanks.


Been taking centrum lately. It's cheap and easy. Don't know if it "works" but it can't hurt.


The rather large dose of synthetic iron in those cheap multi's acts as a pro-oxidant, the 18mg of iron in centrum, you absorb about 1mg the rest stores up in the organs in the body.Ferrochel iron has a much higher absorbtion rate and is usually found in more expensive multis, i used to take centrum all the time.