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Why is Amazon F**king with Me?


Is this happening to anyone? On the front page it always says I viewed something that I didn't and give gay recommendations based on it.


Yea man, one time it recommened I use condoms.

Haven't been back since


No, that sounds like you are leaving your browser open and someone is doing some shopping around when you don't know it.


Damn, yo X!! Broadcast my secret!


For what it's worth, Veganomicon is pretty cool if you were ever looking to incorporate vegan dishes into your diet. I'm going out on a limb and guessing you are not though...


"You viewed The Kind Diet"

Well thats why, you can come out of the closet now.


Is that what Alicia Silverstones been doing after Batman & Robin ?


Well its not likely since I keep my computer on lock down, password protected to log on and password protected whenever I leave my room.

As much as I'd like to bang alicia silverstone I didn't view her shitty book.

Now I did by a glutten free cookbook months ago so I can kinda see the recommendations it gave me but to say I looked at something that I didn't look at is wierd. In the last couple of months I've only searched for games, comics, and music so it just seems kinda odd that all of that seems to have gotten ignored.


Amazon is only getting worse. They're going to start charging sales tax now. And they still don't have any hookers for sale on there, so they're risking obsolescence.


yep - its getting harder and harder to find midget Brazilian tranny hookers these days.

you'd think that Amazon would do what they could to rectify this situation.


man, their same day delivery on new releases is awesome.


Yeah. I ordered one and stupidly chose the 5-7 business day option. When I got home from work there was a huge package on my doorstep with a dead 13 y/o from Jakarta in it. Same-day delivery is the ONLY way to go when purchasing hookers on Amazon.


From what I heard Amazon is doing everything they can to avoid charging sales tax in California based on the new law out there.

Amazon will send me e-mails about stuff I have recently viewed though (they aren't the only site that does that though).

That awkward moment when you open up your e-mail in front of someone and see the subject "Amazon recommends pocket pussy and other sex toys".


There is a very good chance you are getting cookie stuffed (lol):

Basically a website you have visited is secretly adding cookies to your computer tied to their affiliate link.

This means that if you buy products on amazon within 24 hours of getting cookie stuffed, the person who stuffed you is collecting a commission (in the neighborhood of 4-8%, depending on how prolific of a stuffer they are).

They are probably using The Kind Diet because it seems so innocuous that no one will suspect malicious behavior. They aren't hoping to sell you that book but rather just want to tag along for commissions on whatever you happen to buy. Naturally, this sort of thing is against the rules, so if you report this to amazon maybe you'll get whoever is doing it banned.

The likely culprits for this are adult, warez, pharma, or gambling. Always use protection when browsing the dark side of the web, else you're gonna get stuffed. Coupon sites also do this a lot. If something says "click here to reveal your discount" - obviously you don't want to click that.


yeah, use noscript, a plugin for firefox designed to stop additional scripts on websites from being run... hehee