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Why in the Hell Do People Troll Forums?


This has been really pissing me off for a while now, why in the hell do people feel the need to troll on forums. Seriously, how big of a loser do you have to be to get on a foruma and ask stupid questions just to piss people off? These are probably the same douchebags that make computer viruses. Ok I think that I am done venting and I wish death on all trolls.


I'm not a troll, but they do it for entertainment value. They like to ask stupid questions just to piss people (like you) off. Technically you acknowledging them is what makes them viable. If you (and people who get pissed at them) just ignore them they go away to find someone else to bug. It's pretty simple.

They want attention so they seek it out negatively, if you don't give them attention they will seek out attention somewhere else.


Deep-seated insecurities, which stem from possessing a very tiny penis, brain, or both, and not having been breastfed as an infant.


Some here have done the same on other forums like that Fantasy feeder website. I agree, the ones who do this long term like Headhunter or others from this site probably do have some deeper issues. I am not sure why someone would do this for YEARS. I'm on this site because I love bodybuilding.

Others seem to be here just so their idiotic opinion can be read by others even if they really don't truly care about what this site is about. Maybe no one listens to them in real life.


Boredom cure? Seriously if they don't care about the forum they are trolling, then it gets to be quite entertaining, just ask yourself why do people visit websites like FML and emails from an asshole? It is for the entertainment value we get out of other people's frustration.


This is a good point. We all raided that quilting forum last summer and that was hilarious.


Some are funny "The Beast Awakens" thread in particular.


I think it is an insecurity of some type, you can see it most of the time, the more of an authority some one is the more full of shit they are (most of the time). Some people believe the (wrote) or Rhetoric or Dogma they spew. It seems they memorize it like the Koran; I hope I am not casting any negative aspersions on the Koran:)


True, but the simple fact is in Forums, work and life you just have some people that are asses. No real reason for acting like this towards everyone they just get kicks out of making others feel less. We all have people that rub us the wrong way and we just attack them on site but when you do it to everyone for no real reason. Your just an ass.


I seriously need a link for that.


I would imagine that some trolls are afraid to piss off people in real life so they turn into keyboard warriors. Or there's no one left to piss off. The possibilities are endless!!


I already made a thread on this, so I'm with you OP. Seems pretty sad.


Ahh, I loved that thread.


That was pure comedy. That is way different than some troll who weighs all of 160lbs at 6 feet tall acting like a bodybuilding guru for several years by giving retarded info they know newbies won't know the difference between....or someone who writes racially motivated posts just to get a reaction in the political forums and does this for over half a decade.

One is just being immature. The other is being damn near psychotic.


Trolling is just stupid though, maybe I am just a nice guy or something but to spend time posting on a forum that you care nothing about just to piss people off is just idiotic. I had rather spend time reading a post that would actually help me or entertain me than just do something to piss people off.

I barely have enough time to get on here and try to learn something. And some of the newer poster are accidental trolls on here, I see some of the dumbest stuff on here and the guys typically get mad when you call them out because they are serious.



Here it is, but I have to warn you; you really won't get the full experience. Not one of us was smart enough to save any of the threads so all you can really do is read our reactions of how funny it was.


Agree, Lanky. That was one of the extremely few times I actually laughed until my eyes watered at something on the internet. Effin' brilliant!


I just went through the link again... and it's enough to get me watery-eyed again! I'm breakin' out in a laughing sweat! lol!

When it all came down, Geminspecter had the foresight to copy/paste the mod's message to the forum:

"Following is the last post from Patrice (the quilting forum mod) to her flock of quilters regarding the pack of chooches who infiltrated quilt-world.

"Here's the deal, ya'll. these are obviously some seriously disturbed individuals (or one seriously disturbed individual with lots of extra computers and enough personalities to make me look normal.)

They feed on our anger. If we keep swooning from the shock and getting all atwitter, they'll keep posting. Just ignore them.

I'll delete what and when i can but i do need to eat and sleep once in a while. so if the pile grows, don't worry. i'll start shoveling again sooner or later."

An appropriate frame on the masterpiece!


OMG forgot about the quilting forum raid, classic!


That quilting forum raid was hilarious (wasn't here back then but read the thread) but it's definitely a form of trolling. You're going to a site you care nothing about and upsetting the serious posters (upsetting them may not be the main purpose for going there, but you're still doing it).

Making a prank call could be considered trolling.
Hell South Park could be considered a trolling show because a lot of its humor is derived from making fun of a group of people - funny as hell to everyone but upsetting that particular group.

I know I'm maybe stretching the analogies a little but in my opinion, people trolling on forums do it for the same reasons - comedic value. Sure, it's funny to nobody except themselves but why would they care about that?