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Why I'm rethinking getting a garbage disposal

Absolutely, positively unrelated to body building in any way shape or form…

http://muttcats.com/articles/ garbage_disposal_cat.htm (remove space before 'garbage')

This would happen in my house. I am not kidding. Anyone else have pets like this?

Never thought of that happening, but it certianly could in my case. That cat of ours gets into everything. Fortunately, our disposal has a hard cover, so it’s very unlikely.

A must-read for any pet-lover.

Why on earth would you need a garbage disposal when you have Demo?

Sorry dude, couldn’t resist.

I always put the cat in the disposal feet first before I flip the switch…so I can see the look on their little Satanic faces.

P.S. All cats have rabies. They get it from their father, The Devil.

Ko, it’s not nice to eat other people’s table scraps. I learned that last week.

He just refuses to eat egg shells and orange peels…