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Why I Train BJJ/Boxing


I don't necessarily like hurting another, nor do I recommend it. If someone were to step up to me, I'd be the first to apologize and let it be water under the bridge... even if I wasn't at fault. I can do this quite easily, and calmly I might add.

So why would I train in combat sport if I'm such a 'sissy' pacifist?

I believe the calmness comes from knowing that I can defend myself, or control the situation if it were to escalate. I'm fully aware that there will be rude people to say irrational things to me, or even my friends. But would it really prove anything if I were to lash out?

Being fully aware of knowing how to break someone's arm, or induce a flash KO is enough for me to step back, and give the aggressor a choice to think it over. So I guess in the end, it gives me the confidence factor that I need to step away from a 'unsanctioned' fight. lol

I also train because to me grappling and striking just feels natural. No matter how I look at it, I just feel good when I am using my body as a machine. A machine that is not particularly built for violence, but does quite well with it I might add. The intricacies, technique, and mental game make it even more enticing, never allowing me to run out of things to learn.

I'm preaching to the choir here, but it's one hell of a workout as well. Call it vanity, but I love watching myself shadow box. Seeing how the body naturally contorts to a punch, kick, or takedown is a thing of beauty in my eyes. The tingle in my brain and limbs when I'm going hard, the pang of the forearms when I hold a grip for a long time, the way my body dulls the pain using its natural hormones, the split second decisions that lead to a tapout/knockout, its truly the ultimate.

Knowing the game deeper and deeper also helps me to appreciate those that do it for a living as well. Some of these fighters make the hardest moves look like a work of art. Such as GSP's flying jab, Nog brothers sweep, james toney's turtle back, roy jones' finesse, buakaw's calmness, etc.

I'm no professional, just an admirer and coach. I choose to train for my own reasons, and it makes it that much more fun.

Why do you train?


Because i like the high it gives me after training, the confidence to know that i have the total control of any situation that a physical altercation might be necessary. Because i love it, i simply can't explain the awesomeness to others that the training is to myself.


I train for the same reasons you both listed but it keeps me in real good shape and is a huge challenge to master techniques and actually use them in a fight( I do MMA fights) Its not a team sport like everyone loves to watch. It challenges me to get better and truly working against myself, if I lose or cannot do a technique or drill its only my own fault. I feel that is where the confidence comes from.


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