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Why I Tivo Jerry Springer


Nothing unwinds me from a day in corporate monkey land like an excellent Springer clip:


He looks like a serial killer in the making.

Why.so.serious? LOL!


I used to feel that way about Steve Wilkos back when he would shout down child molestors and wife beaters.

Nowadays, it seems he is all about helping troubled teens reconnect with their parents, doing paternity tests and settling allegations of infidelity. He still gets irrationally mad, but he doesn't throw furniture around with quite the same velocity as he used to. Plus, he's gotten better at hiding the gleam in his eye that lets the discerning viewer know he is getting a kick out of having an audience cheer him on for being ridiculously over the top.

He stopped wearing shirts from the Big & Tall discount rack, too. Sellout.


LOL that was awesome. Where's the rest?!?!


OMG!! That dude is hilarious- he got so mad and 'in a fit of rage' ran down the stairs to make a sandwhich loool

Feel kinda bad for him though. How does he even know thats his son for a start? I like how the first time he thought nothing of his wife and best friend naked together.

Did anyone see the episode where the women came on and said it's not your kid we just used you for your money OUCH!!


I didn't find the rest of it on youtube. I made my roommate watch it on the DVR when she got home "ONE! I HATE YOU" buahahahaha.