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Why I Never Spot a Karate Kid!


Check out 01:20


All that stuff is for douche bags. Unless it is a block of ice and you're breaking it with your forehead. I don't care.


Did they replace the eggrolls with Twinkies?


Lets see them hit the board going against the grain.


That's the trick? Huh. Well that's lame.


Fucking losers.


I would be scared to meet them in the streets.. imagine what they could do to the human body if they can do that to boards!!!


1:20 is boring as shit. A splinter of wood got caught under the arms of the guys' glasses. So what?

Look at 1:38! Dude's about to fist a piece of wood, that's way more interesting.


Boards don't hit back.


Yeah, that's the least of what's helping them break the boards. Try doing it without the spacers in the boards. Spacers are how you tell the "ego lifters" of the martial arts world. For those who don't know, spacers take out about half the force needed to break an equivalent number of boards without spacers.

Also, in 6-ish years of holding boards I can tell you that about the worst possible injury you'll sustain (short of the person hitting through the boards and getting you at full strength, very rare) is a stoved finger or if you're unlucky a minor broken finger.


damn beat me too it...


It's the guy's gut that is the funny part, right?

What's the point of being able to punch through some pine boards if you can't see your own feet?


Wow! They look like they are in top physical shape.


Can't believe these guys are allowed to get away with calling themselves Kyokushin.


I got distracted doing a break for the kid's class one night. Was just doing a regular punch-through-a-rebreakable-board-on-top-of-some-bricks, and split my middle knuckle in half. I've had arthritis in that motherfucker for about 6 years. When I do bag work, can only do open hand and one or two-knuckle strikes.

But yeah, those guys were real fatties. Was semi-impressed by the finger tip break, though.