Why I Love the French


Not that I agree with violent action or their demands, but they definitely aren’t the type of people to sit by while shit happens.

It’s not like what you hear about in the US occasionally either, where a guy gets disgruntled, then goes on a freakout and shoots a bunch of his former colleagues. They really get together and its a one for all mentality.

Last year, they kidnapped some CEOs for a better benefits package.

If that kind of thing happened in the US, I wonder what would happen. Military intervention, domestic terrorism charges, life in prison?

No, they are not the ones to sit by while shit happens, however they are morally corrupt. Both cases, this incident and the office cubicle going postal, are wrong and an extreme cases of violation of humanity. People get together all the time, it is called a club, or in case of work related instances a Union or Association.

Well, this is an effect of the communism that is prevalent in France, it seems every time a protest forms in the streets the Parliament gives in and makes new legislation. The government subsidized the unions too much and now they are taking over and now damaging their employers property.

If I was the owner of that plant, and employed 10% of the country, I would have no problem hiring Xe to set up shop with assault rifles and rubber bullets. If they can damage my property, I can protect it.

If this happened in the United States, they’d do what they have always done. Arrest the criminals or not, depending if they are competent or not.

Have you not been reading any of these boards, and seen how well union workers have it? What happened in France would probably never happen, or should I say most likely not happen due to the fact that it is damn near impossible to fire a union worker.

The situation need not apply to only union workers. But, perhaps the Spanish have a better approach:

What’s to love about this?
Would you support that said company hire assassins to kill the offending workers?
In endorsing this, you endorse leaving the table and giving into self-destruction.

I think I support the Chinese much more. They execute the CEOs who fuck up.
I think executing failed CEOs is a nice balance to giving millions to successful ones.

What do you think?

I think China is a more messed up country then France, but they have a lot more people to deal with and most of their politicians have an engineering background, as opposed to a history or law degree. They have a way of running things like a machine. But, I would never want to live there.

If I owned the factory or was on the board or an executive in the French company, I would be hard pressed not to hire some military-like force to try and save it. On the other hand, if I was a poor employee who was laid off and had trouble feeding my family, I would probably consider actions that were known to work to get whatever compensation I could.

I guarantee they are taken a whole lot more seriously at the meetings now that there is some tension and the company knows they are hostile and potentially violent. Perhaps, the whole event was staged just to let company know they were not going to go away without at least a bit of a fight.

Theres a big corollary there between bailed out companies who laid off a bunch of workers, whose boards are getting huge amounts of compensation, while the peons and taxpayers foot the bill. I’m not preaching violence, but a little non-violent, yet still hostile protest would go a long way.

Blowing up a factory is a bit more extreme than perhaps graffiti and some slashing of tires. Maybe squirt guns filled w/ dye of some sort or even some obscene phone calls. I’d consider all the above non-violent, yet still annoying.

If you got organized and somehow got phone numbers, you could probably damper the activities of a day by having a large amount of people calling randomly through the day.

Being a bit unreasonable may at times be more effective than doing things in a dignified way, through established channels. It can be taken too far and ruin all credibility, but in the end I like seeing it.

This alone is worth saving France for:

Anyone catch the first episode of The Ultimate Fighter the other night and see the french fighter, he was talking about how he was gonna prove everyone wrong about how the french are weak and cowards.

Then he quit during the break between rounds.Yep , changed my mind…

love it, he took out cro-cop

The search continues for the mysterious Frenchman who plunged into the chilly East River to save little Bridget Sheridan.


Is this going to turn into an all-French things thread?

Some circles believe that Charles de Gaulle was the first man to advocate mass concentrations of airplanes and tanks to punch through conventional enemy positions a.k.a “Bliztkreig”… should’ve listened to him but instead they went with the Maginot Line.