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Why I Love Strikeforce


A. More fights, more fighters, more shows
B. Competition breeds better athletes, and evolution of the game
C. http://adccbarcelona.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/souza.jpg


i agree.....while i love the WEC and the fact that it's free on VS, or that the UFC plays a lot of stuff on Spike, i don't want one organization. even between those two,i favor the WEC becasue it seems to have more BJJ guys, vs the wrestlers in the UFC.


I'm planning on getting the channels showing Strikeforce, but I don't know who's airing them. Any ideas?
Aside from that, I've seen plenty of fights on Youtube, and Veoh I think. Really amazing, I think UFC's getting old(for me) and I want some new variation aside from "the usual UFC".
I want to see more of Miguel Torres. It sucks how he lost to Bowles.(KO)


You forgot one of the most important reasons: No Dana White.




Unfortunately,I have reasons why I dislike Strikeforce...but all the reasons stem from presentation and the commentary(stupid fight analysis and bone-head questions for fighters). Other than that,all is good....I just want to see damn good fights. They haven't disappointed yet.


Strikeforce is on Showtime....free fights are on CBS.

Oh...and the UFC and WEC are planning on co-promoting some PPV cards this coming year. They're already signed contract with Versus channel to show some free UFC cards:



Good to know, since I might get some new channels for X-mas.
I'm also interested in WEC. They have good fighters and interesting fights.


Yeah I agree about the commentary, and interviews. Although I have to say guys, I don't mind Dana White. Eventually I think all MMA organizations (major ones anyways) will copromote. It's just what the fans will want to see, one champ v another.

Also I slightly agree on the UFC being a little boring at times. I personally think it is because the UFC has a lot of strong wrestlers. Still don't think I've seen a entire card that bored me... ever.


Wrestler are usually the most successful fighters, and the UFC scouts success.
At least when you're fighting amateur MMA, or fighting some "green" MMA fighters, if you're a wrestler, you probably have some form of experienced advantage.
Wrestling is also the best base, because you get to control the fight however you like it. If you want to stand up, you defend against takedowns, and if you want to keep it down, you take'em down!(of course with bad striking you can get knocked out)


I don't mean to be rude, but what's your point?


Well, yeah, no point really... XP
Mostly just why I believe why UFC has so many wrestlers.


I heard about the UFC putting some cards on Versus but I hadn't heard about any co-promotion. Are there going to be 145ers and 135ers on UFC cards on Versus?


That's a good question. I've been looking for more details about Dana White's talks about this,but have not found anything more than what is stated in the links.


Yeah the UFC has a LOT of really really good wrestlers, now minus dan henderson, and I think thats why those fighters do well in cages. If you put those guys in a ring, it might be slightly different. Then again, maybe not.


No, I do believe that the rings will change it a little bit. But the cage is only helping them, it's not giving them a complete advantage.


If they are, that would be sweet. It would probably give the little guys a pay raise and a bit more exposure. Only good can come from that, I think.


I don't know man, I'm a terrible wrestler, and when sparring with a friend who's a great wrestler I can easily out wrestle him in a cage. I'd say it doesn't give them an overwhelming advantage, but it's significant, and measurable. Just watch good wrestlers in the octagon, and then watch them in a cage.


Hmm, I have never had any kind of advantage against wrestlers when fighting in a cage/octagon.
By the way, isn't the cage and the octagon the same thing?(at least what I always thought)


Well there are circular, hexagonal, octagonal, square, and probably numerous other sided shapes I haven't seen. So no, cages and octagons aren't the same; although octagons are far more prevalent in MMA.