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Why I Love Iron...

[u]Why I Love Iron[/u] (can any one else add to this)

Iron waits for me and does not complain.

It does not mind if I use some other Iron.

It wants to be used to my fullest extent, and be thrown around.

It tears me down only to build me up.

It likes simple and complex movements.

It does not mind my sweat pouring over it.

I always get out of it what I put in to it.

I look good when using it.

It does not complain about my workout clothes.

Once you buy it, it never cost you another dime.

It makes me look good to other women, and never gets jealous.

I use it on my clothes after laundry.

it breaks the concrete in my garage

It allows me to put chalk on my hands without feeling stupid.

it never bullshits you. It always tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear.

It keeps me from being anemic.