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Why I love Biotest

Within the past year and a half, I have made more than 10 orders from Biotest. They are always shipped to me and received within 2-3 days. My last order was the Buy one Mag-10, and get a free tub of Surge. I ordered online Feb. 12. I accidently selected the Myostat instead of the Mag-10. I called Biotest and talked to Steve and Mike. Since I had just placed the online order, and it wasn’t in the system yet, they told me that they would make a note of the change and to call back later that morning(the call center was overloaded). I called later that morning, and talked to Katie, who confirmed the change, and called me back that afternoon to inform me that it shipped. I was so happy that on Friday, my 4 Mag-10’s were here. I called back to inquire about the Surge, and was told that some is on its way to the warehouse. Wednesday morning, I heard a knock on the door; it was FedEx, delivering my four tubs of Surge. I am so happy. I just want to thank Biotest for being sincere with their customers, and quick with response time and shipping. It is so great to call Biotest and talk to a real person, instead of listening to recorded messages, and bouncing from one system to another. Once again, Thanks!!- The Starkdog

Their costumer service is second to none.

Nice try Chris, we’re on to ya!


Mamann, I am not Chris Shugart. I just happen to live in the state next to him. But, it’s nice to see that you think highly of Me! Hehehe- The Starkdog